Friday, January 20, 2012

Jason Loscalzo leaving for Washington State

As I just tweeted, Jason Loscalzo is leaving BC for Washington State. This may not seem like a big deal, but the roll of the Strength and Conditioning coach is becoming more and more important as he is the only staff member allowed to interact with the players year round. I will have more later.


eagle1331 said...

Curious as to why you tagged this one "Coach Flip is Running the show," Bill?

Jason Beans said...

This is really bad. I thought Coach Loco was a big upgrade over our previous strength coach. The kids seemed to love him. Knowing Spaz, we will get a 80 year old guy who focuses on nautilus.

Big Jack Krack said...

There's nothing as permanent as change. Good luck JL.

This will give some rising S&C coaches a chance - but will Coach Spaziani find one of them?

Go BC.

Lenny Sienko said...

BC's S&C coach is off to join Mike Leach @ WSU. There has got to be a moral to this story somewhere.

#fireSpaz #fireGDF

Tim said...

I'm sure there will be some great conspiracy theories about this (clearly, he must have had a physical altercation with Spaz!) but I'd like to point out that JL is originally from northern California and also went to college in that area, so this move puts him much closer to home.

Big Jack Krack said...

JL is going back to the west coast - that's a very good point.


Please pardon me for using this thread about last night's basketball game in Raleigh.

This wasn't such a bad result from a freshman team on the road compared to some others (76-62).

Did you notice the Virgina - GT score IN ATLANTA last night?
70 to 38. GT also lost to Alabama recently at home 73 to 48.

Did you see the NC State - WF score earlier IN WINSTON SALEM?
76 to 40 and it could have been much worse.

We have 4 games with WF and GT - it's possible to win all 4.

The bottom 6 teams are all struggling this year - they are all weak or rebuilding or something.

I think BC should definitely be in the top echelon of this league in the future.

What has happenned to ACC Basketball?

ATL_eagle said...


I was being a wise ass. Jason did a great job at BC and this is a chance to work with Leach so he had to take it. My reference is that Gene is more involved with Football S&C than your typical AD.

neenan said...

Maybe a change from "Loco" is good (great name for an S&C guy!)

Really, why were our players so gassed and out of shape by the 4th Q in so many games?

Think about the UCF game. We fought hard for 3Qs and then flopped from exhaustion in 4Q. That is bad and shows poor conditioning.

Last, I must chuckle at the thought of "Loco" going from a Spaz sleepy-time coaching environment to the ultra-high Octane insane environment of Leach. Wow.

Talk about a transition.

I wonder how LOCO is going to treat players who complain of bs like concussions?? Maybe he can call Craig james for some advice! Ha!

CatabEagle said...

Localzo has a stellar track record since his days at Auburn. You are right, however, that our team was regularly gassed at the end of games which led to defensive breakdowns. I believe this weakness is more due how thin our D-line became due to injury and recruiting, as opposed to coach localzo.

Dan said...

Defense being gassed in the 4th quarter is a product of our shitass offense not S&C

neenan said...

BFoodie says poor physical conditioning is from injury and Dan blames the offense. My word.

What is with you two? You sound like Spaz.

UCF offense did not run out of gas, just our defense. Both were on The field the same number of plays, but only our chubby DL boys got tired.

Players at BC need better conditioning and not sappy fans providing the comfort of excuses

Loco, despiTe a cool name and having the word Auburn on his resume, deserves some blame. Maybe a lot.

Loco won't be sending tired defenders on the field under Leach. That's for sure. Loco meet Crazy and don't mess up or u r out.

eagleboston said...

Loco was a decent S and C Coach, but I believe he was a Jag's guy so it makes sense that he is moving on to another opportunity.

Whoever BC gets, they need to focus on strengthening the core and they need to be up on cutting edge research. It drove me nuts to watch my son's idiot youth football coaches having them do sit-ups this fall. Sit-ups place strain on the back and the new emphasis is on plank exercises, which actually work the abs harder. The coach should also stress interval training to improve cardio fitness.

They have over 7 months to get bigger, faster and stronger!

About Five said...

AD whose coach has almost the worst offense in the nation two years in a row says he doesn't know much about the offensive coordinator hire?

Well get out the bowl of water Flip Pilot and wash your hands of any "potential" disaster with next year's football team.