Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little info on new turf, Jesuits on sports and other links

I was curious about the timing of the change in Alumni's new turf, so I reached out to BC. The plan is to switch out after Spring Ball and graduation. It will be ready well before practice begins in August.

Tim Tebow's dad's church hasn't always said the nicest things about the Catholic Church, but I thought this Jesuit's thoughts on Tebow's praying was interesting and fair.

Here is one of the first take's on Kuechly as a draft pick.

Eric Hoffses talked to other writers who have covered Doug Martin in the past. The best recurring theme is that he adapts to his talent.

CBS thinks we still have work to do with our football recruiting. Top verbal commitment Akeel Lynch continues to talk to other schools. Cameron Shorey -- a New Hampshire DE -- is hoping for a BC offer.

Reggie Jackson is impressing folks in Oklahoma City.


About Five said...

What does Doc Martin think of Tebow's guardian angel? If Tebow's listens more will not he have a better outcome from his life on earth?

Perhaps being a good Christian which is more than being a good guy is having a positive influence on the team and that and a little random luck is helping produce the against the odds outcomes? Besides Tebow's is not saying God did it, rather he is being thankful for all God has given him, and is praising God. Something another Christian should praise.

Perhaps these Jesuit intellects should work on getting the RCC to admit it is failing in America. Then go work without predijice and eliminate the polarization amoung the clergy and figure how they can adapt to a modern world and be better disciples serving God's people. Amusing your intellect about a Tebow may be entertaining, but not the most productive use of time.

mod34b said...

Good short article from Grantland on Tebow and religion.

Author argues that: "Bob Tebow's goal is not to convert unbelievers. It is to supplant an existing form of Christianity" -- i.e. Catholicism! (95% Philipines is already Catholic, and Catholicism conflicts in some ways with Tebows' form of evangelicalism)

I am not sure I buy the argument (seems exaggerated), but it is food for thought

Click here

NYCeagle said...

Does anyone know if the new turf will have the same design as the current one?