Monday, February 13, 2012

Buzzer beater at Beanpot

Photo from the Heights's Twitter.

When things are going well you only need a few seconds to score. BC waited until the final six seconds of OT to beat BU and wrap up their third straight Beanpot.

BC has used the Beanpot as a springboard in the past. Let's hope they do again this year.


SchoolPride said...
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NEDofSavinHill said...

Three cheers for York. Maybe the best coach in all college sports.He has won 4 national titles at 2 different programs. Another testament to Gladchuk's genius. 2. New assistants are encouraging.Good work by Spaz.

mod34b said...


That was a great game to watch on TV. Live must have been awesome.

What an intense overtime period! BC looked so much more dominant than BU during overtime. Seemed like the puck was in BU's end more that 70% of the time.

The team --in classic York style -- is peaking right on time!

Big Jack Krack said...

Are we spoiled or what.

I could tell that Jerry York was an up and comer even in high school.

Couldn't be happier for him, BC Hockey and Boston College.

eagle1331 said...

What's amazing is how young this team is... this is York's version of a "rebuilding year." hahaha Sucks to BU

mod34b said...

BJK - did you go to high school with York?

mod10aeagle said...

York is a magician. Most of the season is misdirection, until you get to "trophy season", which starts with the Beanpot. This team is very different from the past several years and yet, he figures it out down the stretch. I'm really pulling for Milner -- he's absolutely the key to what happens from here on out.

Scoop said...

What a terrific performance. Both teams left everything they had on the ice. If they had played another OT period, they would have done it on their knees because their legs were turning into jello.

For me, all the games against ACC and other big-time schools, except ND, rank a distance second to beating BU. There is nothing sweeter than watching BC sink the dagger into BU's heart, especially in ooooooovertime.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - Jerry was a year ahead of me. He was hockey, and I was basketball. Schedules being what they were, those teams didn't see much of each other after class - especially in a commuting school.

I saw him enough to know that he was a great guy and pretty humble, really. I was more of an out-going jokester, dips..t. :-)

I'd like to tell you that I saw him in the library and the debating society, etc. He may have been in those places, but I wasn't. :-) :-)

Big Jack Krack said...

Scoop - UNC fans know what it feels like - especially when Duke beats them in the Dean Dome with no time on the clock on a 3-pointer from Doc Rivers' son. They were up by 10 with less than 2 minutes to play).

I actually have Carolinians tuning into the BC-BU rivalry, and many are getting more knowledgable because of the Hurricanes.

Our Commonwealth Avenue rivalry is what college sports is all about. You really have to salute both teams - and of course take extra pride in the win by our guys.

And really - the Jerry York - Jackie Parker coaching rivalry is just amazing. The City of Boston can be proud of those two gentlemen. I know their schools are.

Scoop said...

BJK, your Carolina friends are going to get even more tuned into the BC-BU rivalry when Dumoulin signs with the Canes this spring. As you probably know, they drafted him in the 4th round four years ago.

You make my point with the NC-Duke reference. Yea, it's great if we beat either of them at the buzzer, but it's not the same as if it were HC or PC or UConn back in the day when we went to school when it meant something.

It's all about regional rivalries. Living north of M-D line, I know very few people who went to any of the ACC schools. My doctor went to Clemson and he couldn't care less. All I know is that my blood start pumping when we're going to play the other school on Comm Ave or HC, but I have a tough time getting fired up about a game with Wake Forest.