Thursday, February 23, 2012

Draft Stuff: Kuechly, Kuechly, Kuechly, a little Fletcher and Mamula too

The NFL Combine begins this week and it will be Luke Kuechly's chance to shine. His college productivity is off the charts, but teams wonder if he has the size and speed to be as effective in the NFL. Luke's been training in Florida and ready to show off his new speed.

Todd McShay ranked Luke Kuechly as the 9th best prospect overall in the Draft.

Everyone thinks Philadelphia will draft Kuechly.

If he doesn't go to Philadelphia, look for Kansas City to give Luke a look.

BCI and Mocking the Draft spent time analyzing Kuechly's NFL future.

This blurb from CBS calls Fletcher a sleeper.

It's Mamula time and this article is actually a fair.


JBQ said...

Mike Mamula takes a lot of undeserved guff. In 1994, BC beat K St in a big bowl game with Tom Coughlin 12-7. It was a monstrous win and big time football. He prepped for the combine and beat the system. He played in 77 games for the Eagles and had 209 tackles and 31.5 sacks. He was a very good player who suffered many injuries from playing d-end instead of linebacker as he requested. He was deeply resented for shrewdly using the combine process. He made millions. Anthony Carter was a receiver for Michigan who held his own private tryout avoiding the combine. He falsified distances with cones that weren't meausured. His times gained him an upgrade in the draft and millions in rewards. There has been no outcry like that generated by Mamula. The conclusion is that Mamula is an ethnic scapegoat.

eagle1331 said...

Could have sworn I saw somewhere that the Falcons were looking at Luke too. The Cowboys are also considering drafting a LB, though it's not their top need by a long stretch, and I'd much rather see him there than Philly, where I'd have to renounce his existence.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Henning was the coach when BC beat K. St. It was his only bowl appearance in 3 years. Nfl draft flops !. Ken Sims by the Pats.2. Leaf 3. Mandarich. 4. Meyer from ND. 5. Harrington 6. Vince Young.7. Leinert etc. Mamula as a failure is a media invented fiction.

Big Jack Krack said...

We were lucky to have Mike Mamula at BC. I'm sure that ND and other schools remember him well.

I loved the way Mike played.

Thank you, Mr. Mamula.

(This is my 3rd try to get the verification in - what a pain. Bill, is there anything you can do?)

BarraCuda said...

Mamula was phenomenal. In the 31-0 win over Syracuse his senior year he had the best game I've ever seen a collegiate defensive player have. I remember one play: Mamula was lined up al right DE, beat the LT, the Syracuse QB (Kevin something-or-other) sprinted to his right (away from Mamula) on the option, and Mamula chased him down and dragged him down before he could make the pitch to the RB. Amazing.

eagleboston said...

I can't remember if it was 1993 or 1994, but Mamula completely dominated Notre Dame. He was in the backfield literally every play. Quite possibly the most dominating performance by a BC defender ever. I loved watching Mamula play but he may be a once in a lifetime DE for BC.