Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Team pulls through in the end to beat Georgia Tech

I said the team needed two wins in their final three games. Beating Georgia Tech 54-50 was the first step. The win -- and how it happened -- should be an important step as he team matures. They built a big lead and watched it slip away. Yet in the final minute they did enough to win. These are my thoughts. Be sure to leave yours below.

-- Lots of minutes for the best players. Because it was Senior Night, we didn't roll out our usual lineup. As expected Donahue put the regulars in quickly. Anderson, Humphrey, Jackson, and Daniels all played 35+ minutes.
-- Hitting their 3s. Some of this is luck, but the success of the three-point attempts really won the game. There were some clutch shots from Cahill and Daniels too.
-- Humphrey's first halounf. He still has his reckless stretches, but Humphrey does provide a spark. His play in the first half helped establish the cushion BC milked the remainder of the game.

-- Cahill driving to the basket in the final minute. I don't mind him being out there. But how did we come out of a timeout with that as an option? With the game on the line we put it in the hand of our least skilled guy at driving to the hoop. Donahue's a good game manager, but that was a mistake.
-- Rebounding issues. Sometimes we can't even pull down a rebound when the ball bounces right towards us. We desperately need an impact rebounder.
-- Perimeter defense. Georgia Tech missed plenty of 3s but not because of what we did. We doubled the post and game them too many open looks.


mod10aeagle said...

They had some stretches of good, purposeful ball movement, and I thought Clifford had some nice moves in close. Most importantly, they managed to build up enough of a lead to enable them to hang on the W in the end.

They do seem very slow to react to loose balls, especially off deflections or long rebounds -- almost as if they're just so focused on marking an opponent that they're aren't watching the ball.

There also still seem to be too many mad drives toward the hoop or along the baseline without any plan for either getting a shot off or kicking it to someone else. The other four guys don't seem to know what to do when Humphries, for example, takes off into heavy traffic only to lose the ball by himself for want of any other options. I don't get that.

Nevertheless, at this point every win is a good win, something to maintain a base level of confidence.

matthew2 said...

I know ATL brought this up a month ago or so, but at what point are these guys free to play offense on their own? When Donahue whistles, they are like puppets on a string. And this happens nearly every possession. Are the young guys still not picking up on the intricacies of the offense, or is this the status quo for any Donahue team??

And Humphrey plays very hard. His defense is EXCELLENT; the intensity and desire to score on offense is equal to his intensity on the defensive end, which is refreshing.

mod10aeagle said...

I agree 100% about Humphries intensity and his defensive play, in particular. I have no problem with his desire to score, either. I think there are times when he loses patience with the offensive scheme and/or his teammates and tries to do too much by himself. Perhaps when his teammates improve, his freelancing will either diminish or become more productive. In the meantime, he's a major contributor to the nominal success the team does have and is a tremendous leader by example on defense, at least.

Unknown said...

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