Friday, February 17, 2012

Themes for Spring Practice

With the start of Spring Practice, I thought it was important to address the issues Spaz and the team will face over the next few weeks.

1. QB competition.
Based on all his interviews, Doug Martin wants QB competition this Spring. It is assumed that Rettig will win the job, but it must be encouraging to the other guys that they have a shot. The biggest beneficiary of the competition will be Josh Bordner. Last season he saw action, but in a limited function. Now he gets a chance to prove he can do more than run. Spring is also a chance for Shinskie or Marscovetra to move back up the depth chart. Finally, Suntrup can prove he is the QB of the future.

2. Installing a new offense.
The good news is that these players are used to starting over on offense. Martin also installed a new offense at New Mexico State last season, so he knows what works and what doesn't. Aside from the QB play, the key is the offensive line. The players need to understand what to do on each play and BC needs to build a solid foundation up front.

3. Replacing Luke Kuechly
You don't really replace a player like Kuechly. What we should all hope that someone shows the potential to be the starting Middle LB. Different players will get turns at the spot. The key will be who shows the ability to cover space and direct the defense. I don't think anything will be decided this spring, but it is a chance to make an impression.

4. Which reserve steps up.
This subplot often sparks a summer of hype on the BC message boards. Inevitably someone will look good, rumors will get out and we'll all watch with bated breath during the Spring Game. Sometimes the spring hero becomes an impact player when the games count. Other times it doesn't carry over. Regardless, fans never get tired of the speculation.


mod34b said...

Why is BC's "Spring" practice starting so early? A month earlier than many southern schools ( who have better weather too). Has it ever been in February before?

Something to do with not bowling? (Duke is only other team in ACC with very early Spring ball)

Something to do with replacing field turf??

Something to do with Spaz wanting to "get this over with" so he can golf in the nice weather?

Is there any pro-competitive reason to do this so early, ESP with brand new coaches?????

How does practicing in cold winter weather (even though milder this year) help the team? Waiting a month or more seems like a better idea for a school like BC is a colder climate

mod34b said...

Look at this list of Spring practice dates. spring practice dates list

BC has second earliest date (Texas Tech starts one day earlier)

mod10aeagle said...

In the Globe article today Martin does indicate that he wants competition at QB, but he's also clear about then choosing one guy to be THE QB.

As for the early start to "spring" practice, it's partly to make up for the loss of the bowl game practices, but I think even more important is to give all these new coaches the opportunity to learn what the players can and can't do as early as possible so they'll have more time to prep for the season. That's one of the things Martin says -- that he needs to learn what he's got on offense before he can decide what his offensive system will be.

Another interesting thing in that article is Rettig's talk about wanting the offense to bond more this year, on a personal level, off the field. He implies that they really lacked confidence, even trust, in each other last year due to a lack of personal attachment and commitment.

dixieagle said...

"That's one of the things Martin says -- that he needs to learn what he's got on offense before he can decide what his offensive system will be."

Designing an offense to best utilize the players you have...what a novel idea.

Things like this still make me hopeful; I never learn.

Benjamin said...

Compared to our previous OC's, Martin just sounds like he knows what he's doing.

ccw said...

Blah, blah, blah. Kevin Rogers was much more accomplished than Martin. That didn't work out so well.

This whole thing reeks of the desperation staff shake-up to justify the HC keeping his job.

How is the frequent change of offenses a good thing? That doesn't mean the players are any good at picking up new offenses.

Big Jack Krack said...

It's much more fun to be optimistic this time of year.

I wonder if Martin will Suntrup a chance to be the primary backup.

Let's hope that 4th and Bordner at the goal line or anywhere else is put on the very back burner.


Erik said...

I thought early spring practice was to give them time to install new turf? Not sure if that is true reason or not.

Jeff said...

Does anybody know when the Spring Game is going to be? Sounds like it will be earlier than usual this year. :(