Thursday, February 09, 2012

The uselessness and the utility of Rivals' rankings

Rivals unveiled their Rivals 250 for the 2013 recruiting class. As the WSJ noted, these rankings cover just a small portion of the football population. And the Godfather of recruit ranking admits politics plays a part in the process. There is value though in knowing who BC is targeting early, who is our competition and which players hale from BC feeder schools and territories. These are the names to note and follow in the coming months.

Kendall Fuller, DB; Olney, MD; Our Lady Of Good Counsel
The scoop: He's got offers from the whole world, so it will be an uphill battle. The good news is that we've pulled kids from Good Counsel in the past.

Joey Bosa, DE; Fort Lauderdale, FL; St. Thomas Aquinas
The scoop:
Alabama is listed as his favorite. The only plus for us is that he is the son of former Eagle star John Bosa.

Hayden Rettig, QB; Los Angeles, CA; Cathedral
The scoop:
Yes, Chase's younger brother is also a highly ranked QB. Based on his twitter feed, you won't find a bigger BC cheerleader than Chase. But who knows what his family thinks of how things have played out on the field. He's now on his fourth OC. My guess is that much of Hayden's decision will depend on how Chase plays this year in the new offense.

Andrew Isaacs, TE; Manchester, CT; Manchester
The scoop:
He's already committed to BC!! This was good news but that doesn't mean BC can take their foot off the gas. We now have to keep other programs from trying to poach him.

Kyle Bosch, OL; Wheaton, IL; St. Francis
The scoop:
His main recruiter was Dave Brock. I don't know how that impact his thoughts on BC.

Ryan Burns, QB; Ashburn, VA; Stone Bridge
The scoop:
As with any QB target, I imagine how our offense plays this year will be the biggest factor. The second factor will be how the Rettig brothers play.

Henry Poggi, DT; Baltimore, MD; Gilman School
The scoop:
Gilman is one of those schools where Boston College is a popular destination for their regular students. I think BC needs to play that angle more with sports recruits. Maybe the pitch will work with Poggi.

Adam Breneman, TE; Camp Hill, PA; Cedar Cliff
The scoop:
BC locked up a Tight End already and it is not necessarily a high priority. Effort might be better spent on other recruits.

Eli Woodard, CB; Voorhees, NJ; Eastern
The scoop:
It looks like Ohio State is hot on Woodard. Based on Meyer's relentlessness, I don't think we will win many head to head recruiting battles.

Garrett Sickels, DE; Little Silver, NJ; Red Bank Regional
The scoop:
He has offers from everyone. I would hope that BC pitches its success with defensive players and the lack of depth at DE.

Ahmad Fulwood, WR; Jacksonville, FL; Bishop Kenny
The scoop:
Trying to build on our Jacksonville pipeline, BC has offered Fulwood. But based on his list, it looks like he is headed to an SEC power.

David Williams, RB; Philadelphia, PA; West Catholic
The scoop:
He's got offers from all the big schools in the northeast. Like all running back targets, we should be pitching playing time based on our depth chart.

Evan Lisle, OL; Centerville, OH; Centerville
The scoop:
He's got offers from many Big Ten schools. But this is why you hire a long-time Ohio State offensive line coach.

John Montelus, OT; Everett, MA; Everett
The scoop:
I actually like our chances here. Everett has been a BC-friendly program for a few years now and Sean Devine is listed as his main recruiter. Devine seems to do a good job connecting with his targets.

Also of note, there are a few kids from Trinity in Louisville on Rivals's list. With Finch progressing, I hope we don't overlook going back into Louisville for more talent. BC is not involved with Trinity Christian safety Nick Washington. I would hope that our inroads in Jacksonville and success with Montel Harris would provide some opportunity there. The biggest no brainer to me is Dallas Jesuit WR Jake Oliver. But BC is not even listed for him.


EL MIZ said...

thanks for the early peek into next year's sure-to-be-underwhelming recruiting class. what else can we expect at this point?

i really hope we are able to keep this TE isaacs. he is top 150 on ESPN, from our backyard (CT), and at a position of need.

speaking of which, seniors next year:

WR (2): larmond, elliot
QB (2): shinskie, marscovetra
DB (2): noel, hughes
RB (2): montel, javorski
LB (1): clancy,
o-line (3): goodman, wetzel, cleary
TE (2): pantale, foxen
d-line (2): murray, o'neal

after this year's class, i really do not know what to expect, with recruiting or otherwise. hoping for the best, as always.

CatabEagle said...

Wouldn't hurt to look at the QB out of Brophy (Jesuit) Prep (#223 on the list). There are two Jesuit H.S. players on that list, we should at least make a run at both.

Danny Boy said...

Good Counsel has changed a lot since BC's last recruit from there (Josh Ott). They've moved from a suburban to a rural setting. They've also gone from never winning a homecoming game, to playing, and winning it on ESPN2. The program has gained national recognition. Its no longer the other catholic school in the DC area (behind Gonzaga and Dematha).

With that said, are there any rules against contacting a kid at my hold high school and encouraging them to attend a certain college?

Coast said...

Oliver's father was a walk-on-turned-starter at Texas A&M. I've heard Oliver (the recruit) is between Texas and Texas A&M, but there's no reason Boston College shouldn't be hot on the trail of recruits from Dallas Jesuit and Houston Strake Jesuit. Dallas Jesuit routinely sends a number of students to Notre Dame, Georgetown, and BC.