Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Boston College rooting guide to the NCAA Tournament

BC missed the NCAA Tournament. Shocking, I know. I still believe that if we had gotten to 10 wins we would have been off the bubble! But just because we are wallflowers during the Big Dance doesn't mean you shouldn't jump on some other team's bandwagons. The following programs are all important for any BC fan thinking about our future triumphs.

St. Bonaventure -- The Bonnies are coached by an Eagle, Mark Schmidt '85. As Kool-Aid drinker No. 1, I am not suggesting we think about Donahue replacements, but it is always nice to see BC guys succeed knowing that they could come back to the Heights one day. Plus I know a few other Eagles like me who have proud fathers who went to Bonaventure.

Michigan -- If you want some reassurances in what Donahue is building it would nice to see the guy whose program is most closely aligned with his strategies succeed. Michigan runs a motion offense with an emphasis on 3-pointers. John Beilein's stocked his team with a mix of under the radar shooter types and blue-chippers. He's doing "it" the right way. If Michigan makes it to the Final Four, it would be encouraging to all BC fans.

Harvard -- Harvard has made our lives miserable on the court of late, but the better they play the better it is for BC's reputation. Harvard's going to be on our schedule every year, so we want that potential win to be respectable.

Any ACC Team -- The ACC seems to be the whipping boy for the national media. They love to bash us and talk about the mistakes of expansion. Another NCAA Championship from our one of our members helps the league's reputation and BC's basketball recruiting.


jaylen watkins said...
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@timstwrt said...

I guess we're not rooting for the BC refugees at Ohio State and Baylor?