Friday, March 09, 2012

Light the lamp Conte

Not really a picture of Conte Forum at the scheduled drop of the puck.

BC started their march towards another Hockey East crown by beating UMass 2-1. But before I get into that, I want to comment on the pregame power failure at Conte Forum. The entire building lost power for several minutes causing a delay in the game as the lights are slow to relight. Supposedly the cause of of the outage was a power station in Newton and impacted other parts of town. Even though the failure wasn't related to one of Conte's issues, why doesn't the building have a generator or two just for times like this? Conte needs a major renovation and BC can't keep delaying the project.

As for the game itself, UMass outplayed BC for most of the night, but Milner kept BC did enough to keep BC on top. BC can wrap up the series with a win Saturday night.


Unknown said...

I was at the game and it seemed like they did have a generator. It was totally dark for only a couple seconds, but then the most of the lights, the videoboards and the speakers came back on quickly. The delay was because, like in most arenas, the big stadium lights that light the ice take 15 minutes to turn back on after being turned off.

Goberry said...

I was at Conte shortly after it opened, before attending BC myself, and power went out frequently (back then, there was a reason to watch basketball).
They do have a backup to keep lights on for the safety of the people in the stands, just not enough to fully light up the rink/court. Can't really blame them for that.

Lenny Sienko said...

Who came up with the white sweaters tonight? We looked out of sorts.

Please wear the Gold Sweaters and keep the Mojo working.

Anonymous said...

Conte needs a major renovation and BC can't keep delaying the project.

Please explain. I just attended the Duke game and honestly is seems like a wonderful facility for BC.

William said...

For a place that was built 25 years ago it is pretty bad.

What 4 times in 6 years we've had to have a delay/cancellation for a hockey game due to unplayable conditions? Embarrassing.


amdg1540 said...

A high level (non-athletic) administrator told me just this past week that Conte is slated for an $8 mil overhaul in 2014. Keep in mind that major capital projects are a slow prospect on the Boston side of the campus. Right now, all construction permits are frozen until the city and the university can resolve the issue of PILOTS (payments in lieu of taxes). It's a tricky situation that affects all major Boston nonprofits-- the city is demanding from BC something like $3 million in annual PILOT payments; if BC caves, the city of Newton will follow suit, demanding something comparable. And moreover, the door will be opened to annual increases in the PILOT as BC continues to build.

So it's a very delicate negotiation that affects not just Conte but all the ambitious building plans on Lower and Brighton campuses. And like many other issues debated on the boards, it's a good bit more complex than folks here would care to acknowledge. But bottom line: the Conte renovation is a high priority.

knucklehead said...

2 hockey games were called because of conditions

BU and N.Dakota.

William said...

There was an exhibition game a couple of years back as well.

The ice has actually improved the past couple of years. There was an ND game about 3 years ago where there were literally puddles all over the neutral zone.


Miz 36 said...

Conte has always had issues as a hockey venue; its the only rink I've ever been to that has no air conditioning system.

I wish we could build a new hockey arena like the ones notre dame and minnesota duluth have recently opened

Matt said...

Conte is a terrible basketball arena.