Saturday, March 17, 2012

Notes on Saturday Scrimmage

BC held its first scrimmage of the Spring. Because it was a Flynn Fund event, there were plenty of comments and opinions leaked beyond the school's official write up.

-- Despite his absence from the depth chart, Andre Williams did play and looked good.
-- Galik, Ramsey, Naples, Pierre-Louis, Coleman, Rositano, and Vardaro all sat out with various injuries.
-- Rettig was a little off put got the first team snaps. Bordner was next, followed by Shinskie, Marscovetra and Suntrup.
-- The tempo was quick.
-- Tight Ends were used in a variety of ways and there were multiple two-tight end sets.
-- Coach Flip told donors that BC will be adding brick walls around the field.


mod34b said...

So what is the scoop on Ramsey?

How was Suntrup?

Good to hear Tempo was quick

WI_Eagle said...

Amen on the brick walls....I've always thought it looked so nasty with the dented aluminum around the field.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Anyone notice the last sentence of the second paragraph in the official write up? "two touchdowns of approximately 20 yards or more". Doesn't sound very approximate to me