Monday, April 30, 2012

A glimpse into the new offense via Steve Logan

Steve Logan is long gone from BC, but with his former protege Doug Martin taking over the offense, I predict you will see some of Logan's touches on the new offense. There are two big takeaways from these two videos: 1. how the offense is taught and 2. what is the core philosophy.

The best part for me is the discussion is getting rid of the ball off of the five step drop. It speaks to an aggressiveness that has been lacking from BC for the entire Spaz era. Logan concedes that the QB will get hit, but he also has faith that his guy will get rid of the ball and that a big play will be there.


Dan said...

It's disturbing how much he looks like Steve Carrell in these videos.

mod34b said...

Another good part of the videos was where Logan notes that if the opposing D coordinator thinks your offense is going to be overly protective, (and presumably not free flowing) "YOU WILL LOSE." So true

A big part of BC's offensive problems over the past few seasons was playing way too convervatively, and hence too predictably.

Martin has a golden opportunity for himself and for BC. He is the man of the hour. Let's hope he seizes that opportunity and makes the most out of it.

The big question mark is whether GDF has told (ok, let's not kid ourselves, directed) Spaz to give Martin full authority on offense. No meddling. Even GDF must see that Spaz's crazy late 2Q (take a knee with 1 minute to go) approach (and bogus Special Teams strategies among other problems) really made for a losing season.

Heck, if BC was just somewhat more aggressive, 4-8 could easily have been 6-6 or better. maybe.