Monday, April 09, 2012

Guys heading to the NHL, wrestling and other links

As expected a few members of the National Championship team have signed with NHL teams. Almeida signed with the Capitals and Paul Carey agreed to terms with Colorado. The Frozen Four and BC also generated interest from the big media outlets. Grantland captured Jerry York's class and focus on winning trophies. Grantland also gave Tampa high marks for their job as host of the event. Most of the BC fans I know loved having the Frozen Four there. The New York Times got into the Frozen Four fever by having The Heights writer Greg Joyce file a piece. Congrats to Greg for the exposure.

Former BC Eagle Kevin Kiley is better known by his ring name Alex Riley. In this article Kevin/Alex shares the story of his rise and similarity between football and wrestling.

This is a pretty good look at next year's basketball team.

With HD on maternity leave there hasn't been much coverage of football on the ACC Blog. However, Matt Fortuna did post today on our rising linebackers.

BC basketball is in the mix for two transfers from Rice. The first is PG Dylan Ennis. The other is G/F Jarelle Reischel.

The Patriot Ledger wrote a long feature on BC Baseball's Anthony Melchionda. He wasn't the only baseball guy getting positive press. The Globe wrote about Kyle Prohovich being part of three generations of college baseball.


EL MIZ said...
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EL MIZ said...

the article linked to is nice insight into what will again be our strongest position -- LB. where last year one guy (kuechly) shined, i think this year the whole unit really stands out. i liked how the article highlighted that BC also has guys who are legit in HS -- devito lost only a handful of times in HS for don bosco (a natl power) and duggan played with kuechly at St X, another national HS power. the way you hear BC talked about some times its like we are solely made up of walk-ons and scrubs that nobody else wanted. regardless, i am excited to see the devitto-duggan-KPL trio wreak havoc next year.

i read a lot of BC football coverage, and i have to say that was the first time i've really felt good reading spaz quotes or reading quotes of players feeling good about the program. i hope the attitude adjustment or whatever devito was talking about comes full circle this year and this team starts believing it will win and earning it on the field instead of just expecting to win and not executing.

also, we are stacked at LB. that is a good and bad thing. good in that we have a nice strong pipeline for years to come of good players, but also somewhat puzzling that the 2nd commit for our 2013 class is a LB, with pretty glaring needs elsewhere. what is working with the LBs that isn't with the other positions??? lets spread that good fortune to d-line, WR, and RB!

finally, it is good to see ANY coverage of the football team from any of the media outlets -- the boston papers, ESPN, ESPN Boston, ESPN ACC, etc.

Benjamin said...

El Miz,
I agree with the sentiment that the Duggan/Devito piece sounded very upbeat, particularly the quote about Spaz. I raised my eyebrow when I saw that.
I honestly don't know how to view next season. I was actually quite pleased with all of the coaching turnover that happened in the off season, discouraged by the QBs at the spring game, encouraged by the offensive line at the Spring Game, disheartened by Signing Day, but have been hopeful with the guys that have been signed after...
Screw it. I predict we go at least 8-4 and finish with a bowl win. Spaz announces Martin has Coach in waiting, and we go on to happy days.

Also, thoughts and prayers to TOB.

Big Jack Krack said...

As the BC Community awaits the National Champions celebration/parade this afternoon, I would like to see us take a page from the Hockey notebook and think positively.

Things are looking up for football, we have some very hard-working and talented players - and if we can dodge the injury bug this season at key positions, I agree with Benjamin about the potential.

Let's support our players and this new mix of coaches!

Let's go BC!

mod34b said...

El Miz - I see you are mentioned in the wrestling piece. Ha! who knew.

"Riley was paired with Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and while he ultimately finished in third place on NXT, he became the biggest star from that season.

Riley continued his partnership with The Miz, who, like Riley, was on a meteoric rise to fame in 2010, winning the WWE's United States Championship as well as the coveted "Money In The Bank" briefcase, which guaranteed him a future championship match. The Miz indeed became WWE Champion in November 2010 by cashing in the aforementioned briefcase and Riley was his right-hand man as they did battle with luminaries like John Cena and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, even accompanying The Miz to the ring at the main event of Wrestlemania 27, the company's biggest event.

"I could not have written a better start to my career," Riley said. "I started on NXT and it was a lot of fun having The Miz help me out because he was such an established performer already, so to go into that show with him was a gift