Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing student found dead and other links

[Note: This isn't sports related but it has been one of the bigger BC stories of the past few months.] The body of missing BC student Franco Garcia was found in the Reservoir. There is still no public explanation of how or why he was there. At this point all you can do is pray for the family.

For those who missed it, BC's rally for the hockey team came off pretty well. posted a photo gallery of the event. Based on twitter response Gene received some boos anytime he spoke.

California Lineman Sam Murphy plans to attend camp at BC. You would hope that BC would have an inside track with DT recruit Darius Commissiong.

Deadspin posted a great take on the Frozen Four. What I found most interesting was the former Ferris State player's reaction to Gaudreau's goal.

This is not BC-specific, but I thought it was a good read on no huddle and how teams are practicing. Reading things like this makes me feel like BC is very far removed from some of college football's best practices.

Here's NESN's preview of the football team.

Elite basketball recruit Nerlens Noel -- the brother of Jimmy Noel -- will attend Kentucky.

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Big Jack Krack said...

I was sorry to hear about Franco Garcia.

Not having lived in the area for sometime, I don't know when they took down the fence around that reservoir.

The kid might have slipped on an icy patch and tumbled into the frigid water. Such a shame - such a tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.