Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moton transferring, UMass off schedule and other links

Gabe Moton is the latest basketball player to transfer away. Some are raising the red flag because it leaves us with no upperclass scholarship players, but I have no real concerns about it. Moton's playing time was likely to decrease and now Donahue can add another player to this class without robbing future recruiting classes.

Moton's former teammates won't be playing UMass this year. BC explained it away due to the expanded ACC schedule. I understand but I am disappointed. This series has a nice history and is an inexpensive non-conference game. I would rather keep UMass on the schedule and lose the inevitable random team we will replace them with.

BC recruiting target Damion Terry verballed to Michigan State.


EL MIZ said...

isn't Rubin an upper classmen scholarship player?

moton wasn't great, but he was a good backup PG and played pretty good D. i would say moton and humprey were our two best defenders.

i really hope we can add another commitment to the incoming group of freshman. without moton or humphrey, we are going to play 7 sophomores and 2 freshman. i fear another year of "wait until next year."

EL MIZ said...

from ESPN's top uncommitted players:

Jordan Tebbutt, SF
Canby, Ore./Oak Hill

Player rank: NR | Position rank: 52 | Grade: 89 | Stars: 3
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 215 pounds | Evaluation

Recruiting update: Despite being out east, the Oregon native is still getting heavy interest from West Coast schools. Although it seems that he would most likely end up in the Pac-12 with Washington and Oregon showing the most intense interest, Boston College has made a strong push late.

according to their recruiting page, we have offered Tebbutt a schollie, so we'll see.

MUD said...

Miz - thanks for the follow up! Hopefully they will land this dude and my ulcer will start to heal. Following BC recruiting (methodology and success rate)with any optimism will undoubtably end in gastrointestinal issues of some degree. Currently, praying to St. Jude, (as all Chaminade High School grads know) the saint of hopeless causes.