Thursday, April 05, 2012

One step closer to another championship

Minnesota is a good hockey team. Their most lopsided loss on the whole season was a 6-2 defeat to North Dakota in January. Tonight BC beat them 6-1 to advance to the National Championship Game on Saturday. Minnesota played well and pressured BC but we made up for it with quality shots on net. Watch enough highlights on Friday and you're sure to see multiple BC goals. Paul Carey led the team with two goals.

We will take on Ferris State Saturday. BC has to be considered a major favorite. Let's keep it up. As we all know, this might be the most fun related to BC sports for some time.


mod10aeagle said...

This game easily could've been 3-1 Minnesota after the first period had Milner not stood on his head. And Johnny Gaudreau is just so much fun to watch. Awesome.

Sarum80 said...

Milner was awesome!!

Let's keep it up!!! Don't take Ferris State lightly and let's win this thing!!!