Friday, April 20, 2012

Skinner, Sean Williams in the news and other links

Andy Katz reported that Brown is interested in Al Skinner. I am a huge Skinner fan and would love to see him get another shot but I don't know if this is the right choice. While he knows the area, I think Brown's limited budget and lack of scholarships would pose some challenges. I don't know if he could hire an experienced staff or an ace recruiter. I also wonder if he could sell the Ivy League experience to kids who have DIA scholarship offers. Al's smart and has a good eye for coaching and playing talent. He would be a better fit rebuilding a midmajor. If he does take the Brown job, I wish him the best of luck.

Another basketball name from the past is back in Boston. Williams is lucky. You don't often get fourth chances. But he's still young and a great shot blocker. Maybe this time and this team will work.

Peter King thinks Kuechly ends up in Kansas City. This is a short Q&A with Luke from a Baltimore radio station.

With Fenway on everyone's mind, BCI posted some of the BC-moments that are part of the park's history.


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mod10aeagle said...

It would be wonderful to see Sean Williams get his act together. If it's with the Celts, so much the better. I've got nothing but positive thoughts for him.

Smitty said...

Jack Hayes left Hofstra and took the Brown AD job. Skinner's old asst coach, Mo Cassara, was hired by Hayes - I'm sure Cassara has Hayes' ear and put in a good word for Al. And don;'t forget he was the URI coach for a long time. May not be the best fit in terms of recruiting/scoalarships, but I would love to see Al land.

CatabEagle said...

I can't describe how happy I am to see Sean Williams in Boston. He is without question my favorite player to watch live in the last decade of BC Sports. He narrowly edges Gionta, BJ Raji, and Nasty Nate Doornekamp. I don't know why I have such a soft spot for the guy, but I watched all of his home games in person. No one got worse calls than the Block Party. About 1/2 dozen times a game, Williams would legitimately block a shot above the square and it would be called goaltending, purely because the refs couldn't fathom someone jumping that high. He was on a completely different level athletically, and when him and the Rhino were in the paint together, we had the best front court in the country. Here's hoping you turn it around 51. I just can't seem to quit you.

mod10aeagle said...

foodie: Good idea for an ATLEAGLE poll -- "top 10 BC players to watch". Here's mine, although not in any particular order:

Joe Mullen
Nathan Gerbe
Brian Gionta
Mark Herzlich (his freshman year, especially, when no one knew)
Mike Mamula
Dana Barros
Scoonie Penn
Sean Williams
Tyrese Rice (junior year?)
Flutie (duh)

CatabEagle said...

Mod10 -Fantastic Idea. I've only been around since the late 90's so I'll go on what I've seen live since then.

1. Sean Williams
2. Brian Gionta
3. Matt Ryan
3. BJ Raji
4. Brooks Orpik
5. Willie Green
6. Nate Gerbe
7. Paul Petersen
8. Troy Bell
9. Will Blackmon
10.Jamie Silva

Andrew said...

Brown's limited budget?