Monday, July 30, 2012

Key Players for 2012: Chase Rettig

This is a series on the key players for the 2012 season. Big things are expected for some, while others will need to improve over their previous performances. If 2012 is a good year, it will be in part due to the key players overachieving.

Junior Quarterback, Chase Rettig

What he's been: We all hoped Rettig would be a phenom. That he would some how save the Spaz era from its offensive funk and lead BC to unexpected glory. Instead, he's been mediocre. He completed just over half of his passes last year and never put together back-to-back great games nor enough sustained drives. Apologists for Rettig like me blame the system, the talent around him and of course the way his Spaz has screwed up the offense. But even the biggest Rettig cheerleaders have to admit he's yet to have a memorable BC moment or done anything to get on an NFL radar.

What he needs to be: Someone who can put the team on his back. I know the offensive line has been terrible, leaving Chase running for his life. I know plenty of passes have been dropped and no one is making big plays. But a truly great QB would show more by now. He's started 21 games. He's finally is a simplified offense that will get the ball out of his hands. If Chase does have an accurate arm, if he is as cerebral as people say, if he can get off throws in a collapsing pocket, now is his chance to show it.

Why I like his chances to shine: I don't know if Doug Martin is going to be a miracle worker, but QB's can make huge leaps with a new offense. Just look at Dominique Davis. He went to East Carolina and became one of the most accurate passers in the country.

Last year I thought Rettig would be great. I thought his toughness and preparation would overcome the offensive limitations. Here I am a year late thinking the same thing. But the difference is Doug Martin. We finally have an experienced OC running a current, simple offense. Rettig will be asked to make quick decisions and get the ball out fast. I think he can do it. I also think that throwing 400+ passes will give him a rhythm and a confidence that he's never had at BC.


JBQ said...

I have no doubt of the talent of Rettig. Now as a junior, he should be more mature. Spaziani has been the problem. We will see what Martin can do. Nevertheless, reviews have stated that BC will have to run the ball to chew up time off the clock because their defense is suspect. This means that they will tone down Rettig. This is not good to hear.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think Chase and the rest of the team will show solid improvement this year.

We'll begin to know in a month!

Go BC - beat those Hurricanes.

Knucklehead said...

They may run the ball more this year.

They will not be running it because the defense is suspect though. The defense is good.

More likely there will be an increase in running because they have 3 backs and because the school invested 300K in Bollman to get the line together and coordinate the running game.


Big Jack Krack said...

Speaking of the defense - whatever happenned to Jaryd Rudolph and his case?

Was he dismissed from the team permanently? He would add some good depth to the DL.

Let's go Chase - do it to Miami again! Back to back victories over the U.

EL MIZ said...

it is make or break time for rettig. remember this guy coming here -- a 4-star recruit from CA who got a look from USC and Tennessee. he was supposed to be THE guy. he has got all the playing time he could imagine in his first 2 years, albeit with three different OCs (and calling tranquill an OC is really an offense to some of the better OCs out there -- 3rd and 9quill was asleep at the wheel for most if not all of his time here).

well we got bollman to come in here and get the Big Uglies back to BC form. we have 5 300-pounders on the line, guys who have played, guys who should be able to give rettig at least a chance to count to 3 as he goes through his reads.

we got martin here to get the offense back to basics. we have WRs that are seniors and juniors who have got a lot of PT. williams and kimble and finch are all good enough and ACC caliber. pantale is one of the better TEs in the league.

its all on rettig. its the make or break of his football career -- step up and make it work or thats it, you step aside and we see if either bordner or suntrip has what it takes.

i think rettig's got the talent though. the first 2 years were really just the perfect storm of inept coaching, everyone being young, and spaz with his "fraidy cat" mentality playing not to lose by 3 TDs. if rettig puts it all together i think we are looking at least 7 wins.

eagleboston said...

You really cannot assess Rettig's performance last year without factoring in the two top weapons on offense, Momah and Harris, essentially missed the entire season due to injuries. And you also have to recognize that the O-line was nowhere near as dominant as in the golden era of O-Line U. Finally, he was just a sophomore. Ryan, while showing flashes of brilliance early, did not truly blossom until his junior year. I believe in Rettig and I believe he performs much better this season. I just wish BC had more playmakers on this team to give him more support.

mod34b said...

By the end of last season, Rettig showed mastery of the short out route -- a key play for an up-tempo offense. Rettig's timing with the receivers was excellent, and his ball placement was really good too (low, low and to the outside where only the BC receiver could get the ball). These are very positive signs

But one area of concern is Rettig's long ball. I always assumed he had great arm strength. But if memory serves, i believe that several of his long/med-long balls were short/lacked zip/power. It could be he was throwing off the wrong foot, rushed into throwing the ball too quickly by poor O-line play etc. But whatever the reason, Rettig's long ball still seems a bit suspect.

Another area of concern is his ability to thread the needle to receivers running medium routes over the middle. Not many college QBs can be Matt Ryan like, but still Rettig seems very gun shy about threading the ball past the LBs and underneath the DBs. Again, could be a lack of time due to OL.

Ok, now let's talk RedZone. Hard to say what is (or isn't) going on in the RedZone, but BC and Rettig were awful there. Is it Spaz? the OC or rettig? Or all of the above. Not sure, but I do wonder if Rettig has that "winner's edge" that finds a way to win?

Still, i have high hopes for Rettig. I think he will put it all together this year.

Real Talk said...
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