Monday, August 27, 2012

Depth Chart released, overreaction ensues

BC released its Game Notes and Depth Chart for the Miami game. I'll get to the depth chart in a moment, but the first thing you should do is read the game notes. Learn them. Memorize them. Turn them into a drinking game, because you'll be hearing them all year from each new announce team!

The actual Depth Chart created a sense of unease on the BC message boards and blogs. Seeing the team on paper put our perceived depth and talent issues all out in the open. We will be starting players in entirely new positions and throwing true freshmen in some critical situations. There was also the curious demotion or two that always makes you wonder if Spaz is using the depth chart to send a message. I try not to read too much into any of it. The best players will get on the field eventually. We don't have an abundance of talent, so if you can contribute, you'll play. When I looked at the chart, I asked myself "who is going to score?" We have very few difference makers at skill positions and recent injuries have exasperated the issue. But I am not worried. For the past four seasons I've been proclaiming that college offense is less about talent and more about execution. These young freshmen will score if put in the right situations. In Martin I trust!


mod34b said...

The TE situation is strange.

Starting place of Pantale is CJ Parson. He is a transfer from Northeastern. Parsons Was a DE (not TE) at NU, and was a DE at BC last season. Now he is the starting TE. He has no game experience as a TE. What happened to Darmstatter? - I recall he had a good spring camp.

The two back up TEs - Bowen and Porter - are OTs

Does BC lack confidence in the OL and need to add an extra tackle?? Is Martin going to be running the ball a lot? Using the TE spot as an extra OT does not suggest a high powered spread type offense.

BC has 10 TEs, but nobody with experience to start who is available??

C.J. Parsons SO 6-6 265
Liam Porter RS FR TE 6-6 276
Dave Bowen RS FR 6-7 285
Chris Pantale SR TE 6-6 255
Jarrett Darmstatter SO TE 6-4 232
Michael Giacone FR  6-5.5 249
Mike Naples JR 6-4 237
Dan Crimmins FR 6-6 220
Brian Miller RS FR 6-4 235
Carmen Dello Iacono SO 6-4 210

EL MIZ said...

Mod, from everything I've read about Martin (including this story about him and Rettig's budding friendship, i am expecting a lot of single back sets with 3-4 WRs. looking at the depth chart, we list essentially 4 starting WRs -- amidon, coleman, larmond, and evans. losing pantale hurts because he was such a good receiving TE that we could have him out there and disguise the run better.

i can't make sense of the rest of the TE depth chart either, converted D-ends and offensive linemen aren't going to be catching many balls, thats for sure. when a TE is used, i would imagine it would be as a blocker.

whatever, i am ALL FOR opening this offense up. enough of the conservative play calling, lets air it out and try to hang 30 on the U.

EL MIZ said...

this is the only good game footage i could find of New Mexico State last year:

albeit this is a hilariously small sample size (select plays from one game), but the offensive clips of New Mexico State in that game are mostly quick developing plays out of the shotgun with 3-4 WR on the field. i think we will see something similar, especially given our depth chart.

i am very excited, i think martin's offense is going to be fast moving and will shockingly score some points.

mod34b said...

There are quite few YouTube videos of NMSU football 2011.

Martin keeps the tight end in to pass protect in many NMSU plays

So I am guessing we see that, with an occasional delayed release from Parsons (who surprises the LBs, remains uncovered and gets huge yardage!!)

Big Jack Krack said...

Where's Harris Williams on the OL?

What are we doing with Jake Sinkovec? If we're not using a FB, why not leave him at LB, so we don't have to use freshmen? No disrespect to Tim Joy - but using freshmen at LB in Spaziani-4 is mind boggling.

Go BC - beat Miami

knucklehead said...

Duggan is not starting? He is their best linebacker.