Friday, August 10, 2012

Pantale news puts damper on Media Day

Media Day is about fluff, a happy outlook and getting to know the players a bit better. Things didn't go according to plan though as BC announced that Senior Captain Chris Pantale broke a bone in his foot and will miss significant time. That's a tough loss out of the gate as Pantale has real potential and was hoping for a breakout season. Supposedly with Martin's scheme, BC can use more WRs in place of TEs, so I don't think it will derail the offense. It is also a chance for Naples to step up.

Spaz later explained that Ramsey and Miller were both dealing with injuries too.

The good news was that the media turned out in force. The Globe even sent someone!

Spaz was in a light-hearted mood and asked for pitches right down the middle.

BC Sports Information Department did a great job tweeting comments, taking pictures and shooting video.

There should be even more news tomorrow. And for those fans going to the open practice, be sure to take pictures and send them along.

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At 4:16 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ramsey is already dealing with an injury? That didn't take long! So much for all that stretching he did this summer. Just one of those guys who's injury prone, wouldn't count on seeing him too much this years.

At 5:41 PM, Blogger TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

At least the injuries to Ramsey and Miller don't sound severe according to the interview.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger eagle1331 said...

I hope with the Pantale injury that Giacone gets a look as a true freshman. Jersey Guy. Don Bosco Guy. If Spaz & Co. give him a real look as a true freshman (and a recruit we stole at the end of the cycle last year), it could go a long way in future recruiting at the school...

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Giacone is not a Bosco guy, he went to St Peters. Also, according to Blaudschun's blog, he's already missing practice time with a concusion- not looking good for early pt.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

I don't think Ramsey had another injury, I just think what Spaz meant was he had a setback last year.


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