Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The wrong BC Matt talked to Chase Rettig

Matt Hasselbeck knows what it is like to lead BC during rough times.

This offseason Matt Ryan took Chase Rettig to dinner and told him to have fun. I love Matt Ryan but I am not sure he's the former BC QB that should talk to Rettig. Matt Ryan's BC was a very different place. He had one offensive coordinator for his first four seasons. Ryan was grew into his role. Things were good.

Rettig hasn't had that same luxury at Ryan. His redshirt was burned to save the offense in 2010 only to see him get hurt. He came back but the offense still sputtered. Last year due to the staff meltdown, Rettig dealt with two more coordinators. Things haven't been fun and Rettig is being asked to bring BC back and in turn save Spaz's job. If anyone can relate to all this chaos, it is Matt Hasselbeck. He dealt with three BC head coaches in five years. The offense was constantly being tweaked. He took a beating in the pocket while trying to make something happen offensively. He had to lead players and set an example even though the coach had sort of lost the team. Hasselbeck has a tough, smart and hard working player. BC didn't turn around in his Junior or Senior seasons, but how he handled himself earned him a spot in the NFL. Rettig needs to hear about those trials. He's better than his stats or his record but only BC fans know it. A little encouragement from a guy who was also better than his stats or record at BC might make the difference this year and next.


Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...

I like Rettig. I think he has some great potential, and was thrown into the fire without proper development. People's expectations for a freshmen/sophomore QB were blown way out of proportion. If the OL can gel this year, I think Rettig will have a "break out" year.

JBQ said...

Matt Ryan is one of the good guys. He is a good role model for Chase Rettig. I thought that it was nice of him to take Chase to dinner. I believe that he was the right Matt to talk with Chase. Matt H was good under fire but Matt R was good plain good. Someone just is jealous of Matt Ryan in his role of Superman for the Atlanta Falcons. Once Spaz is gone to the social security zone, Chase Retttig will bloom.

knucklehead said...

Matt H and Chase Rettig have 1 thing in common, there offensive lines were NOT good.

I like that Martin in running the offense autonomously with Bollman managing the line. I like that they are both from Ohio and that Bollman comes from a winning program.

A average to good o-line makes ALL the difference. If they block well I anticipate that we have a
.500 season.