Sunday, August 05, 2012

Things I don't want to hear as practice officially starts

Practice begins Monday.The offseason issues we've been dissecting will now get that much more attention locally and nationally. Although I know we will hear about the following endlessly, I hope the media at least tries to come up with something new and avoid the hollow excuses of seasons past.

1. Spaz finally has his guys. This was used as a major excuse last year. If we win this year or lose this year it won't be because of "Spaz's guys." Spaz and his recruiting coordinator have been around for the recruitment of every player on the roster.

2. New vibe around the offense. I like Doug Martin and think he'll be a breath of fresh air. But we won't know what the offense is really like until Miami. Let's not forget the "new" offense and the great feel the players had for Gary Tranquill, Kevin Rogers and Dave Brock.

3. Injuries. We will lose players in practice. Someone will get lost for the season.You know who else will deal with those issues? Every other team in college football.

4. Replacing Luke Kuechly. We will miss him but every college in the country is replacing a great player. Linebacker is our deepest position and the front seven is much improved. Kuechly will be missed but he shouldn't be an excuse for losing.


Big Jack Krack said...

It's fun to be optimistic.

Nobody - nobody - liked the Tranquill hire. The guy was past his prime when he was in his prime - and we picked him up in retirement.

Spaziani's first move was terrible.

Hopefully we will see much improvement this year.

Go bc - bet Miami.

knucklehead said...

In reading the Rettig interview on it sounds like we may see the uptempo Oregon-type fast break offense.

If that is the case it is going to be culture shock around here especially if it is not effective at scoring touchdowns.

Someone wrote a comment about Stanford last week. I really like what they did in terms of going to an "old school" offense. Teams in the last 5 years, especially in the PAC-10 have not had to defense a NASTY, RUTHLESS offensive line. I think that physicality allowed them to be successful running and passing. Boston College needs to get back to the focus of the team being a destructo-unit offensive-line. Like the PAC-10 I think being physical on offense in the ACC will lead us back to the success of the early 2000's.

Point being, I am not comfortable with a fast break offense. It puts more pressure on the defense when you do not score. Our traditional defense(not blitzing much) will be out on the field to much.

The whole point of having a strong line and running game is that you possess the ball, run the clock and keep your defense rested.

Hopefully Coach Spaz is reading this post so that he knows people at Boston College understand football and recognize that he is profoundly underqualified to be the head coach in Chestnut Hill. I get the feeling that he does not think as highly of Boston College as he should. Especially since we have paid him $5-$10 million over the 15 years that he has been employed with the University. Maybe he could make a little extra effort to sit up straight during the ACC sit down interviews(on the previous post). Maybe he could take responsibility for last year and speak optimistically about this season. Instead of the BS about learning from mistakes.

More over the post provides him with an outline for a coaching philosophy. He obviously needs one.

mod34b said...

"A FEW Things I don't want to hear FROM FANS as practice officially starts"

5. It is all Spaz's fault (and all that goes with that).

6. It is also all GDF's fault.

7. It is also also Fr. Leahy's Fault

8. It is also also also the BC Board of Trustees' fault

9. BC can't compete against FSU, Clemson, VT etc.

10. Tailgating is horrible at BC

11. The noon starts are awful

12. I do not like the 'unis'

13. The lettering on the 'unis" is awful; why owuld anyone use a stained glass pattern for a Catholic school?

14. UnderArmor is a bad company

15. I can't believe we lost to Duke

16. BC football will never return to 2007 form

17. Big Jack Krack is too hopeful and does not understand that embracing the negative is what weenies at BC now do.

18. If Montel Harris was not run out of BC by Spaz . . .

19. Alumni seating is uncomfortable

20. MOM!! -- do I realllllllly have to come home now.. . C'mmmoooonnnnn

Benjamin said...

Mod, nicely done.

knucklehead said...

Must be tough to be the band leader in the summer; it is hazy, hot, and you get sweat in your eyes.