Sunday, August 19, 2012

We have no running backs and that's a good thing

We held a situational scrimmage Sunday and are down to one healthy running back. While Spaz's amateur roster management frustrates me to no end, I do think there is a silver lining to the situation. If we are forced to be one dimensional, we might finally use a modern college football offense and actually score some points!

BC has a pocket passing QB and an inconsistent offensive line. It is time for Rettig to be in the shotgun and start flinging the ball quickly. Under three different coordinators Spaz's offenses rarely score more than 20 points. Yet we never open things up. I don't know if it is Spaz's edict or lack of faith in the QBs, but for whatever reason we have not done something most other college teams can. Maybe now that we have an OC that likes to pass, a Junior QB and one legitimate running back, we will finally throw.

What Spaz doesn't seem to understand is that his conservative nature has barely paid off in wins (20-19) and has been beyond boring to watch. BC fans are going to complain after any Spaz loss, so why doe he care if he can keep it close. If we lose to Miami 48-45 and throw it 50+ times, I know fans will gripe, but some of us will welcome the new look and feel.

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Lally said...

Of course, I watched half off the Jags/Logan debut against WF in a luxury box with a bunch of older alums who complained more than once that "Ryan is throwing way too much."

I think half of our fanbase thinks its a sin not to run on 1st and 2nd down.