Monday, September 24, 2012

Hockey No. 1, depth chart and other links

USA Hockey released their Preseason Poll and the defending champs are still on top. BC, Minnesota and Michigan were the only teams to receive first place votes.

BC picked up another commitment when Connecticut Linebacker Marquis Little announced his decision over the weekend. We can't seem to get Massachusetts or New Jersey kids any more but are cleaning up in Connecticut and Ohio. I expect this recruiting class to change dramatically come December. Spaz will either be back and able to poach a few kids or a new coach will come in and try to keep most of the class.

Bobby Swigert is back on the depth chart. The only real surprise is Running Back David Dudeck breaking the chart ahead of Kimble.

Spaz was happy with the off week.

CBS still has BC at the bottom of their ACC Power Rankings.


mod34b said...

I found this little tidbit in the BC media guide.

call 1-888-266-2081; password 919844

You will hear (cringe) Spaz talking to reporters about the upcoming Clemson game. What is remarkable is that nobody except Blauds -- aka Jersey Guy -- asks Spaz anything. No one cares what Spaz says. "Ferda RecARD", Blauds has a Jersey accent for sure.

So, if Blauds the blogger can question Spaz, let's go ATL, get in on the next call and ask him some Qs.

By the way, many have heard the expression that someone has a "face for radio" (not a pretty face).

Well, as you will hear, Blauds has a "voice for print." The guy is even more inarticulate than Spaz and can barely ask a question, let alone a hard hitting question. You can see why Spaz and Blauds like each other. Next call they should invite Mayor Mumbles Menino!

As for the content of the call: not much. Spaz wants to run the ball more, fumble less. Swigert is practicing and can play but he has rust. Spaz has taken "more than a peek" at Clemson (Very nice Spaz). Spaz likes Mike Giacone and who is working his way into the offense. Blauds is bad a golf.

mod34b said...

I see Edabali is no longer starting and completely off the 2 deep.

Is he hurt or benched?

FakeShalomTfree said...

The only thing Spaz will be poaching come December is the eggs in his kitchen

EL MIZ said...

our backup RB is a true freshman also recruited by Yale and Navy. yikes. this is not going to end well.

BCDoubleEagle said...

ND just ended its ongoing series with Michigan, leaving Michigan with some open dates in the coming seasons. BC SHOULD SCHEDULE MICHIGAN. Imagine watching the maroon and gold in the Big House, and having the Maize and Blue visit Chestnut Hill. Perhaps we could have a Friday night hockey game and Saturday football game. Bring on the Wolverines!