Saturday, September 29, 2012

Running into a wall...on purpose

Clemson is better than BC. If you win by 14 on the road and take a knee instead of going for another score, you deserve the win. Yet Clemson did not play that well. We could have won this game, but our inability to make a stop on defense, some very conservative play calling and bad punting cost BC any chance of pulling off the upset. Hats off to Alex Amidon who is really playing well.

I will post second viewing thoughts and grades late Sunday night.


Benjamin said...

Thoughts on the game.

1) I enjoyed watching this game. I still found the loss incredibly frustrating and disappointing, especially when it was clear we could have won it at certain points. But I still enjoyed watching BC Football, which wasn't necessarily the case last year.

2) Amidon is an All-ACC player. He's proven he can compete.

3)Rettig can be a big time QB. He was under pressure way too often today, but still made plays. We stalled in the fourth quarter, but Rettig is a game

4) Why can't we run the ball? I have no idea.

5) Punting put the defense in a tough position today. It shows just how valuable Quigly was.

6) Nick Clancy played a great game. Following in Kuechly's shadow is not easy, but he clearly is a leader on defense.

7) We need a new head coach. Everyone's in agreement. I think we have some all-stars in the wings, i.e. Rettig, Amidon. I would love to see the new head coach come in (Steve Logan anyone?) and transform our guys a la what Jags did with Ryan.

Big Jack Krack said...

Amidon's stats were every bit as impressive as DeAndre Hopkins.

Here's one of the huge problems:

Williams rushing - 22 for 61. One of those runs was 30 yards.

The rest of the game was 21 for 31.

That's a big wow!

We can't win without straightening that out.

We can't run and Rettig was pressured all day by a basic pass rush. Rettig had a great day under the circumstances.

mod34b said...

Well said Benjamin.

Game was fun to watch and BC offense exceeded my expectations. Loved seeing Amidon out run the supposedly greater speed of Clemson. The low-production running to "keep the defense honest " seemed dubious, but probably was necessary to make the pass game work.

The defensive scheme is bad. McGovern needs to go. The problem with the defense goes well beyond that BC supposedly has just so-so athletes. Defense had some decent series, but not nearly enough.

Really bad punting easily cost BC 14 points. What was the deal. My guess is that Spaz feared a big punt return and directed the punter to kick out of bounds. And he proved he is no Quigley.

eagleboston said...

Actually, Levano has punted well in the 1st 3 games. I don't know what happened on those 2 punts but they were devastating for BC, resulting in 14 Clemson points, the margin of victory.

Run game is horrific.

Rettig is tough and very good. Not yet great, but very good.

O-line still has serious question marks.

Defense is out and out terrible. What a difference a couple years make. I agree there needs to be a change in coaching on this unit.

Spaz just does not know how to win. He is a black cloud on the program. A coaching change is necessary to turn around the negativity and instill a culture of winning again.

JBQ said...

The question is when it will happen not if. Rettig needs to have the arrows taken out of his back. The 7th needs to take the field. Semper Fi. It wouldn't hurt to have the 82nd AirBorne on standby. Once Leahy gives the signal, we are going in.

mod34b said...

I went back to look at Levano's stats. I had the impression he was a good punter. And he is.

In the Northwestern game (excluding 1 short punt designed to pin opponent inside10), he averaged 53.25 yards

Against ME (excluding one pin-the-opponent punt), he averaged 53 yards

Levano's has a good leg.

Against Clemson, he averaged 33 yards - 20 yards off his average over the two prior games

Did Levano's suddenly lose almost 40% of his leg strength ? Did he switch legs and start punting with his left leg for a laugh? I think NOT.

I think we can make a good statistical case, that this bad punting was the direct result of a coaching decision.

Obviously, the BC coaches -Spaz - feared Clemson's return men and also lacked confidence in our return defense. So they clamped down in Levano and played-not-to-lose football. It worked to greatly limit Clemson's return yards to very few. But at the cost of great field position,( especially lethal when a team, such as BC, plays soft defense.)

Same coaching mentality on Defense.

Can't wait for the new regime.

mod34b said...

Did anyone notice in one close up of Spaz, he eyes looked very watery, as if he was/had been crying??? Maybe he was thinking of his good buddy GDF being pushed out

eagleboston said...

I think you are on to something, Mod. It did not appear that he shanked those punts. He may have been instructed to punt them out of bounds. Spazoo's play not to lose mentality has resulted in just that - losses. His exit cannot come quick enough for me. May he join Henning in the BC coaching hall of shame.

starvs said...

I of course wasn't routing against BC, but I found it hard to rout for us as well. There cannot be any justification for Spaz staying. That to me is the top priority, as sad as that may be. Any season (further) with Spaz is just treading water, at very (very) best.

Jasmine said...

Holding penalties were a major factor.

Final seconds of 1st half, right after Clemson scored a td to go up 24-21 with 25 seconds left, chase got the ball down to around clemsons 30 with 4 seconds left, BUT holding on the offense 10 yard penalty. lets take a knee to end the 1st half.

Does bj raji have any other younger brothers???

i know we were scared of their team speed, but where was the occasional "blitz" from our lbs or dbs???

"Fans" were leaving wayy to early.

Convince me why i should go to the Maryland game???

atleast the eagles are 4-0 on ncaa 13 on my ps3

NEDofSavinHill said...

Jasmine is 100% correct. That holding penalty at the end of the half probably cost BC three points.BC was down 14 in the 4th quarter with 7 minutes to go. They had the ball at the 30 twice. If down 11 a field goal cuts it to one score. Maybe a different game.2. This team is vastly improved over last year. i\It must be the coaching. Three very competitive games with strong opponents who have a combined record of 13 and 2. The holding call on the 1st drive of the 2nd half was a killer.3. Now that Gdf is gone and" our long national nightmare is over"as Pres. Ford proclaimed when Nixon left, our future is bright.

EL MIZ said...

NED, i think that is a point that nobody is bringing up -- Northwestern just improved to 5-0, Miami is now 4-1 (wins over NC State and GA tech, their only loss to K-State who is undefeated and will be 6th or 7th overall), and Clemson is 4-1 with a loss to FSU (4th overall). if this team doesn't fold the cards, i think we could have a really strong finish.

rettig is excellent. he has really matured from the first 2 years and now that he has just a little bit of time in the pocket he makes things happen. that he does this with zero run game to speak of is even more remarkable.

amidon is all ACC. loved how he toasted the clemson secondary -- i thought they were fast! maybe amidon is faster? (sarcasm - guy's a true burner). coleman and evans improve every week. was great to have swigert back.

wolford is a TE/WR? i thought he was an LB? whatever, happy to see him contribute. when pantale comes back i'd be in favor of just going empty backfield.

our RBs stink. our D Line stinks.

LBs played hard and there were some 3-4 looks which i appreciated. we need to blitz more and stop with the goddamn 10 yard cushion, its ridiculous.

some will laugh but beyond FSU (they are VERY good), i think BC has the talent to win every remaining game. IF we don't fold the cards and IF spaz coaches to win.

EL MIZ said...

PS -- at this point, with the odds of making the ACC CG minimal, i would love for nothing more than to beat ND. that's all i care about -- let's ruin their storybook season.

we have the talent to compete with georgia tech, wake, virginia tech, ND, maryland, and NC state, i truly believe that. but i'd take some more WTF losses in ACC play for the first (and last) upset win of Spaz's career. beat ND!

OB68 said...

Have to say that I actually enjoyed watching the BC offense for the first time in many years. Even when behind by 10-14 points it still seemed that we had a chance to make something happen. While I would love to see Spaz dumped, I think the down side may be the loss of this OC. Perhaps it is just because the offense has been so stagnant for so long but this guy seems to get it and make games exciting. If by chance the defense makes some significant improvement, the rest of the season might just be fun to watch.

eagleboston said...

El Miz,

What evidence do you have that we can beat Notre Dame? ND and Florida State are the two games remaining that I think we have no shot. They will absolutely torch our defense and Kelly will run circles around Spaz. Spaz has never beaten Notre Dame (which that fact alone should lead to him being fired - both TOB and Jags routinely beat ND) and the Irish talent level is the best it has been in the Spaz era.

By the way, I don't know if he would consider BC a step down, but we really need to make a run at the Cincy coach. Defeating Va Tech convinced me that this guy can flat out coach.

Lenny Sienko said...

Did anybody figure out the jersey number discrepancy for our punter? It appeared that Levano was not wearing "32". There was some comment about this on Twitter during the game.

The BCAA "official" stats show Levano as the punter.

The whole business is puzzling.


I noticed that Spaz's demeanor was not upbeat. He sounded as though he had lost his best friend, when he did the on the way to the locker room piece...oh, bad. [grin]


Lets start getting serious about reporting on and discussing a new AD and head football coach.

John said...

At least we're not Arkansas or the U.S. Ryder Cup Team.

John said...

When we see our guys trying so hard, and never giving up, it's a lesson to each of us.

If the coaches would truly coach to win, we have a shot to make some noise from here on.

However, if we fold like the Ryder Cup Team, it will be a sad remainder of the season.

Let's go team - please don't Stricker/Woods/Furyk et al down the remaining road.

EL MIZ said...

eagleboston -- my point was that, if BC could win another game, i'd prefer it be ND over anyone else; a statement of the obvious.

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