Saturday, October 06, 2012

AD search nearing an end

Everyone is sort of throwing darts about BC's AD search (myself included), because the only people that truly know anything are Leo Sullivan and Father Leahy. Neither are talking to media about the process. That leaves us to piece things together by who they are talking to: the candidates themselves, select faculty and Athletic Department staff and BOT and Advisory Board members.

Sean Frazier publicly withdrawing his name was the first tell that things are getting close. At that point BC had narrowed its list and Frazier wasn't on it. I think his tweet was a way to save face publicly. I was told that BC had a list of three and felt fine telling the other candidates they were no longer in the running. But who were the remaining three? The names that kept popping up were Boo Corrigan, Mike Bobinski, and Brad Bates. BC felt confident (and so do most outside observers) that all three would accept the offer and there was no risk in letting other candidates know the process was over.

As for all the talk of weeks or advisers getting to meet the finalists, I think some of that has happened. And I also think BC does want to give the new AD time to evaluate football. But if it happens early next week or takes longer, BC doesn't feel like they have to meet anyone's timetable but our own.

As for the rumored finalists...I think Corrigan and Bobinski would be fine. Not thrilled with the idea of Bates. But I will explain when the smoke finally clears.


jay said...

Of those 3 candidates, I like Bobinski. He hires winners. Winners, winners, winners, winners, winners, winners, winners, winners, winners, winners. Not Spaz.

diabetic tackle said...

is the list of finalists final?

ATL_eagle said...


I think so, but no one really knows.