Friday, October 26, 2012

ICYMI the Moore piece and other links

I welcomed Julian Benbow to the BC beat hoping that he would bring new life to the same old coverage. He's been fine. Better than his predecessor but I rarely read anything that grabbed me like some of his work prior to moving to the BC beat did. That changed when I read his feature on Malachi Moore earlier this week. Moore's story is a good one and I felt Benbow's reporting and writing delivered it perfectly. Let's hope a few more gems like that come down the beat this season.

Dave Dudeck got the Globe/Herald treatment Friday. I've been happy with his play and think he'll blossom over the next few years. I did laugh at Spaz's nickname for him though. It wasn't the name or Spaz's delivery that struck me as funny. It was that Dudeck just assumed that Spaz didn't know his name.

BC continued to be one of the top scoring GSR schools. I don't expect this to change under Brad Bates.

WEEI's hosts have already chimed in, but now their writers are calling for Spaz's head.


Big Jack Krack said...

Contained in the Dudek article was this gem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rolandan “Deuce” Finch drifted into Spaziani’s doghouse,

What does this really mean? How does arguably your best RB work his way out of the doghouse?

What's the difference between Deuce being in the doghouse and CL Jr's suspension?

Best of luck to Dudek, but he's no Deuce Finch.

Hey Frank - "come on, man!"

NEDofSavinHill said...

It seems the WEEI writer is peddling the same nonsense GDF use to. i.e. that BC under TOB usually won 7 or 8 games. He averaged 9 wins his last five years and if you credit him 2007( 98% of the players were his) his last three years he averaged 10. Among the best in the country.

BCMike said...

He averaged 10?!?

What sort of horseshit math are you attempting to use?

For the last time, Ginger doesn't get credit for the Spaz loss/win to Navy in that bowl game.

It's also worth mentioning both Matty Ice and the offense in general DOUBLED the year AFTER Toby left.

This revisionist history crap is killing me.