Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honoring Dick Kelley

Lost amid the holiday and headlines last week was a very important announcement. The Varsity Club honored Sports Information Director Dick Kelley with their inaugural Varsity Club Medal. Dick is a friend of mine, but any BC fan or member of the BC community owes Dick thanks for helping shape the image of Boston College. If you've ever been proud of the stories told about BC athletes or how they present themselves to the world, much of that image, poise and polish is because of the work of Dick and his colleagues in BC's Sports Information Department.

The award isn't just about Dick helping kids with their interview skills. It is also about his love and dedication to BC. People throw around the idea of loyalty to the school, but Dick is living it. For the past year Dick has been battling the effects of ALS. Yet he is still contributing to BC every chance he gets.

The article linked above had a few select quotes from Dick's friends and a few former BC athletes. If BC had wanted to, they could have grabbed another hundred compliments and stories from people who love Dick and are praying for him as he continues his fight against ALS. I am thankful that the Varsity Club created this honor and hopefully they induct him into the Hall of Fame soon.


Matt said...

I had the privilege of meeting Dick Kelley during my time at BC. He is an amazing person. He cares so much for both the BC student-athletes and the fans. He is very well-deserving of the award.

Fenwick 111 said...

Dick Kelley is a total class act. BC is lucky to have him...