Sunday, December 23, 2012

Addazio feature and other links

In case you missed it, the Globe featured Steve Addazio this weekend. The Temple angle was interesting and shows how loyalty and dedication is all about perspective. I don't hold it against Addazio for leaving on Temple after two years. 99.99% of coaches would have done the same.

Four players from the Women's Ice Hockey team received invitations to the U. S. National Team Winter Camp.

Penn State is still coming after BC recruit Myles Willis. He says he's still committed to BC.


starvs said...

Solid feature on Adazzio, think you'd be hard pressed to not come away from that with positive feelings, other than the fact that he sold Temple on being their long term then....but as ATL said, who wouldn't have done that?

Very encouraging to see how the Pouncey brothers talk about him, and the way he seems to really be hitting the road recruiting like crazy.

NEDofSavinHill said...

TOB's pupils in the NFL, Ryan and Wilson, have combined for 23 wins. Is there another coach in college football with a comparable record? MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

Big Jack Krack said...

TOB pushed Wilson out. Not very smart.

eagle1331 said...

Also, TOB insisted on Quinton Porter until injury forced his hands. Matt was awesome under that regime when given the opportunity, but he truly shined under Jags. TOB should get credit for his staff finding both of the players and their impact on their development, but he ran away from both.

Also, Bruce Feldman gives BC a little press is his latest mailbag: