Sunday, December 30, 2012

Combine invites and other links

There has been a recurring debate as to why our OLine has fallen apart: is it coaching or talent? The NFL doesn't think it is a talent issue as both Emmett Cleary and John Wetzel have been invited to the NFL Combine. Neither had a great season, but both have great potential and NFL size. I hope they both do well. As we know from past BC invites, going to the Combine doesn't guarantee anything, but it is a good indicator of what NFL people are thinking.

The New York Times posted a Jerry York feature

Patch Alber may be done for the season.

Women's basketball lost to Florida State.

The men's team beat Holy Cross. I will have a more developed post on them this Monday. 

The Patriots waived former Eagle Ron Brace. The BC star never clicked in New England's varied schemes. Hopefully he catches on somewhere.


mod34b said...

Great to see Cleary and Wetzel get invites. Very surprising

Could be a good recruiting sales point.

But, great NFL potential? Nah.

Joseph said...

Maybe not "great", but pretty good would make a lot of players very pleased. They are to be congratulated without reservation, not damned with faint praise.

mod34b said...


What aspect of Cleary's or Wetzel's play last year made you believe either was NFL material?

a) the way they protected Rettig and allowed him the time he needed to pass?


b) the way they could push defenders off the line of scrimmage and make running lanes for RB Dudeck?


c) gosh, I can't think of a reason?

dixieagle said...

As of today, no one from BC has been invited to the Senior Bowl here in Mobile (or at least, no one from BC has accepted; I am assuming that anyone invited from BC would jump at the opportunity.)

It may still happen, but clearly no BC seniors are considered first rate.

Joseph said...

My point was that you always seem to need to have some negativity. It was the idea that you thought that 'GREAT' was implied and you had to put in your negative two cents. They probably will never be great, very, very few are, but they received a nice honor by being invited.

mod34b said...

Hey Joe, are you my mother or what?

What do you see as the NFL qualities of these two blocks of BC Granite?

Joseph said...

It is not what I see (nor what you don't see), it is what the NFL sees. negative ned.

mod34b said...

Joe, you are a greasy weasel for sure. You crticize others for their views but are afraid to state your own views.

Joseph said...

Calm down, M34b. If you go back and read what I posted you will see my opinion. I will say it again, you are a negative Ned, that insults everything BC with your constant need to shoot off your mouth. My opinion on the guys who are getting a look at the combines is that the NFL will judge them on how they might fit. You can say as much as you want, as often as you want, but it is the NFL folks that count. That is the very well considered of a very greasy weasel.

mod10aeagle said...

When the logo and a couple of guys getting invited to the combine can stimulate arguments, it's clearly time to step away from the blog.

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