Sunday, December 09, 2012

Johnny Manziel has good taste

"This is a moment that I've dreamed about since I've been a kid running around the backyard pretending I was Doug Flutie throwing Hail Marys to my dad."

Johnny Manziel was born in 1992. Yet the Texan knew enough to pretend to be Doug Flutie. Regardless of who coaches BC, we need to keep selling the Flutie Hail Mary to potential QBs because this is proof that even 28 years later, they are already dreaming about it.


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eagleboston said...

There is no doubt, even decades later, we are living in a Flutocracy.

Sir Douglas Flutie, Earl of Natick, my favorite BC player of all-time. I am glad I am old enough to remember when he played for BC as he was truly amazing to watch and he remains our only Heisman winner.

Lenny Sienko said...

At last, something we can all agree upon. Doug Flutie was the best thing that ever happened to BC football.

I had the pleasure of watching him play live at the '85 Cotton Bowl, for all of the USFL Generals' home games at Giants Stadium, and then in Ottawa and Toronto when he came East with the Stampeders. He was phenomenal.

If look up "winning attitude", there should be photo of him. It wasn't just the Miami game, it was every game he played. With Flutie, you always felt there was a chance. I forget who coined the expression; but it was accurate: "Flutie never loses, he just runs out of time."

JBQ said...

Do you realize that the honorable D.F. is an Arab? He is from the same faction as the Khawam twins who recently were implicated in the Petraeus scandal. Let's make sure that the Earl of Natick is not an ingeneous plant to subvert and "overthrow" Western Civilization. Ever to Excel.