Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recruiting news: decommit and more 3rd QB news

One of BC's highest rated recruits, Ohio Running Back LeShun Daniels decommitted and is now headed to Iowa. This one hurts. Running back is a position of need and emphasis for Addazio. Daniels had the chance to come in right away and contribute. Seeing players waiver is natural though and only more predictable when there is a coaching change. Fortunately Addazio is out trying to find another back.

One other thing that is more apparent is that BC is probably taking three QBs in this class. BC just offered a scholarship to South Carolina Dual Threat QB Michael Julian. We need QB talent but not three in one class. I know BC is honoring all of Spaz's commitments, but I expect something to give with the two QBs who verbaled to Spaz. It is clear Addazio is headed in a different direction. I just hope BC manages the roster and expectations well in this process.


nceaglefan said...

Is this going to be a square peg in a round hole? Given our natural recruiting base are we going to be able to find enough athletes to play this system?

EL MIZ said...

BC hoops barely holds on to beat New Hampshire in OT. while it was nice to see the team fight back, this is freaking New Hampshire and it should not have been close.

Anderson was dominant with 23/19 and yet i dont think he touched the ball once in OT. the Don's offense really makes me scratch my head -- it seems like player are always thinking about the pass they have to make next instead of actually assessing the floor and just playing. they don't take what the game gives them, they think "how were we supposed to run this again?" really frustrating.

oh and on top of that we can't shoot. 2-22 from 3 today (both in OT, we went 0-20 in regulation). i thought these guys were shooters. Donahue blamed it on the players studying for finals LOLOL pathetic.

Caudill got some time today and its clear he is not an ACC caliber player. he's a total bust. Van Nest didn't start for Harvard, and now he's our starter? apparently Clifford will be back for the Providence game, please lord. without Clifford, i'd prefer to just go with Anderson as the Center and spread the floor with "shooters" -- give me Rahon, Hanlan, Jackson, and either Heckmann or Rubin (who never plays and i know he's limited but if we are 1-22 how about we bring in a guy who can shoot?) or even Odio who makes nice cuts without the ball.

its too bad because I like these players -- poor Anderson looked pissed in OT when we just didn't get him the ball. rest of the team shot 13-50 from the field, Anderson was 10-15 and yet he can't get any looks. Hanlan hit another game winner though, he's gonna be a good player. Anderson is definitely the best player, Rahon and Hanlan are nice freshman, and Jackson and Odio bring things to the table. Heckmann with another bad performance, he's had literally one good game (against Charleston) in the 2012 calendar year.

we need Clifford back if we are gonna have a chance to not finish in last in the ACC. i'm just seeing no improvement in terms of the offense and the players looking like they are reacting to the game instead of thinking. LET THEM PLAY donahue, they may actually surprise you since i think there is some talent. still, a long long long way to go.

mod10aeagle said...

MIZ -- I agree 100% with your analysis of the game, especially the offense. They really don't seem to be thinking about scoring when they're throwing the ball around. So many of the passes and Rahon's penetrations were without any clear objective.

I like Rahon; he works really hard, but the kid can't finish a drive. In fact, he rarely even thought about taking it all the way to the hoop. I don't understand why Hanlon isn't the point guard -- he's a much more effective penetrator and knows how to finish. Other than that, these guys need to spend every spare moment shooting. They are just a horrible shooting team.

Defense played pretty well, though.

Most painful is that our athletes are UNH-calibre, at best. Ouch.

EL MIZ said...

here's a write-up of the last play of regulation, which i think perfectly addresses what mod10a and i are talking about:

the UNH PG Roads who is listed at 6'4 195 but is probably 6'2 winds up against Anderson in the block. GET ANDERSON THE BALL! instead rahon is waiting for jackson to run thru screens (why we even set up a 3 when we were 0-19 is beyond me). maybe a PG who is a JR or SR sees the mismatch and gets Ryan the ball, maybe a PG who is a freshman who doesn't have an overbearing coach gets Ryan the ball -- either way, Anderson should get the ball with a clear mismatch in the post. worst case he gets fouled by help defenders, and i think he easily scores to win he game in regulation.

GP11 said...

Agree and disagree. The offense definitely seems to overwhelm the guys at points, but if you watched the whole game, there were A LOT of open looks. Of the 20 missed threes at least 8 were wide open and another 4-5 were against late close-outs which should be makes anyway. If they get those looks and the team gets hot (make 40%-50%) that team can hang with any ACC team. And after 2-3 years of playing that offense over and over, they guys will be able to run it in their sleep and it will become more and more effective.

Love the freshman guards, they're gonna turn into impact players. Anderson is already great and has the potential to be an All-ACC 1st teamer. Caudill is big but so slow on defense with minimal touch on offense (and looks just like the fat kid in Remember the Titans). Heckmann reminds me of a someone who needs to have the offense run through him to be effective.

We have to remember this is BC basketball. Our best teams have been when the top 2-3 players have been Juniors/Seniors. We simply can't recruit like Duke/UNC and have top 25 teams dominated by Freshman/Sophomores so we have to give the team time to learn and mature and then be able to beat teams with knowledge and execution. I thought the 2nd half showed that the team has the potential to get there.

EL MIZ said...

GP, good points all around. i have to constantly remind myself that this team will be really dangerous in 2 years.

next year we are looking at (as currently constructed):

Guards: Rahon, Hanlan, Jackson
SG/SF: Heckmann, Dragicevich, Garland Owens, Odio
Bigs: Anderson, Clifford

everyone on that squad (spare Garland) is a soph/JR. so that bodes well.

it does get frustrating watching them run the O at times, but i am hoping for a Clifford return and at least a competitive game on Saturday. hopefully the recruit enjoyed his visit too.