Friday, December 07, 2012

Tie delays York's ascension to the top of the wins list

Didn't someone tell Providence they were supposed to let us win tonight? Instead BC tied the Friars leaving Jerry York tied with Ron Mason for the most all-time wins in College Hockey. York won't have a chance to own the record until the team resumes play after Christmas.


EL MIZ said...

if BC loses to Bryant, Harvard, and St. Francis in the same season, then Donahue should be fired. this is unacceptable.

EL MIZ said...

BC barely beats 2-5 St. Francis at home. we were, however, outrebounded 33-29. none of st. francis' starters is taller than 6'6.

i shudder to think how ACC play is going to go. if clifford can't play we are going to have no chance at all. what is wrong with anderson?

hsk said...

sad to say, but I do not see ACC talent on our squad. Even under the worst of circumstances we should not be having difficulty beating the likes of Bryant and St. Francis, dare I say Harvard. This is going to be another long year. And, then we go from Spaz to Daz. I hope for the best and will give the benefit of doubt, but we could have taken the opportunity to move the program in an entirely different direction. I find it bizarre that we end up with the coach who had all of our "rejects" Day, Rogers and Montel Harris.... so, thank God for hockey, imagine if we didn't have it to talk about.