Monday, January 07, 2013

Bates hosting Town Halls

Brad Bates wants to hear from BC fans. He sent out a letter to season ticket holders inviting them to a Town Hall. One meeting will be held before the Miami basketball game and the second before the Clemson game. If you are a season ticket holder and you were invited, I highly recommend you attend.

At this point Bates knows most of the major issues regarding our game day experience. But if we want him to embrace new ideas and try new things, we need speak up. If you think you have a better system for parking, say something. If you want improvements at Alumni, you need to take this opportunity to meet with Bates.

It will be interesting what people have to say and how Bates reacts. As a group season ticket holders are informed and a little disgruntled, but they are probably the easiest group to win over. They want to hear good news and believe all their years of support will finally pay off with better game days.

Since I don't attend many home games, I don't have much skin in the game. But I am curious to see how Bates communicates in that setting and if the fans will believe that change is coming.


mod34b said...

To BB:

Did you deliberately interview Bob Diaco just to pump up his ego, thus exposing his arrogance and distracting him from properly prepping the ND defense to play 'Bama ?

Some Jesuit Jujitsu!

If so, Master Bates, congrats, you are now an Eagle!

chicagofire1871 said...

Instead of staying in the safe confines of Conte Forum, I'd encourage Bates to hit the road and meet with Alumni groups in some of the bigger cities (NY, Chicago, LA, SF). I think this would be both cathartic to our collective fanbase and perhaps interesting for Bates to hear a more varied perspective than resides in the immediate environs of Chestnut Hill.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The Pope should excommunicate Fr. Jenkins, Swarbrick and Kelly for that awful performance vs. Bama. Midwestern football is in a down period as evidenced by the Big 10's2 win five loss bowl record. ND's victories over Perdue, Mich. and MSU look pretty hollow. 2. What a fraud the Heisman trophy is. Keuchly, a vastly superior player to Teo doesn't make the top five but the overhyped ND linebacker finishes number two. It's comparable to what ESPN did when Matt Ryan was at BC. The liars Herbie and Chris said on national tv that he wasn't a quality QB while promoting two duds Tebow and Smith. Ryan also was denied a NY invite .3. Did the SEC outperform all the other conferences in the bowl season? They finished 6 and 3. The ACC finished 4 and 2. If you add the future ACC teams it finished 6 and 3.(Louisville, Pitt and Syr.) Head to head the ACC and SEC went 2 and 2.( Wins by Clemson and Louisville and defeats by Pitt and NC ST. Which conference is superior? All bowl games are home games for the SEC.

Joseph said...

Alabama 75% Graduation Rate in Football for 2011-2012

Notre Dame 97 %

BC 94%


JBQ said...

The media response to Kuechly and Ryan was a scandal. Neverthless, BC has had big shortcomings in the public relations area. What Bates is out to do is a very good idea. BC has a very good product but no one knows about it outside of those who have access to the Green Line.

Knucklehead said...

The product is not very good. That is why he is having the Town Hall.

When BC was good with C. Smith, Sean Williams, Dudley and Williams 2 the games were sold out. Even during Christmas break the games were sold out. Some heavy hitters were in the house during those years as well Bob Kraft and Celtics players were in attendance.

Point being that sell outs, parking, food etc are not an issue WHEN THE TEAM IS GOOD.

That is the lesson that Brad Bates will learn from the Town Halls.

I am happy is having them, though, bye the way. Shows that he is involved.

Lenny Sienko said...

Lets hope Mr. Bates pays more attention to the comments at the Town Halls than he did to the recommendations from his "blue-ribbon" invitees about a HC in football.

You will recall that Daz was one of three possibilities specifically mentioned as not suitable.


Bill: these damned things are even worse than the last time...smaller and less distinct than ever. Please lose the robot detector!

Eagle 1 said...

I can't make the meeting. Someone please tell him that tailgating blows. All that work for a couple of hours of pre-game celebration? Pass. Open Shea field at 6 am.

Coast said...

NED-- If the Pope was in the business of excommunicating underperforming teams, he would have gotten rid of Boston College long before Notre Dame.

CT said...

Ned, you're emblematic of those who don't actually watch enough college football--esp. the good kind--and choose instead to use meaningless stats to support a specious argument.

That's 7 straight NC's.

ND doesn't understand and can't compete with SEC athletes. Nobody can. It's a whole new world, buddy.

Nobody from an ACC school, including me, can talk down to anyone when it comes to college football. That was men vs. boys last night.

CT said...

And btw, Tebow was a better college QB than Ryan. The Heisman doesn't care about the pros. Manziel deserved it for what he did in the best conference in the country. Did you watch the Cotton Bowl? What is up with you? Midwestern football is down? The Big 10 is straight garbage. Slow and uncompetitive. Dinosaurs. Like it's commissioner. Please watch more and type less.

mod34b said...

CT, no doubt the SEC is the premier college FB league. But what did you think of Clemson beating LSU and Louisville beating Florida. I was quite surprised by both, esp. L'ville's win.

Maybe the SEC, while the leader of the pack, is no that far ahead of the others.

CT said...

But I do agree with you that Kuechly was, is, and will be better than Teo. Teo had never seen talent like that before and got blown off the ball. Kuechly could've hung.

CT said...

In the BCS era...the SEC is 9-1 in the NC game. The only loss was LSU to Alabama.
SEC 9-1. (5 schools)
Big 12 2-5. (3 schools)
ACC 1-2. (1 school)
Big East 1-2. (2 schools)
Big 10 1-2. (1 school)
Pac 12 1-2. (2 schools)
Ind 0-1. (1 school)

UGA, LSU, and Tex A&M would've killed ND this year. I'm not looking up all-time bowl records because of conference realignment. Every major conference has talent. It's just that the best talent is in the southeast (ask Charlie Strong, who used a ton of Florida kids--inclu. Bridgewater from Miami--to beat UF this year).

You might think that BC would be helped with the opening of more Catholic schools in the South with the influx of depressed, cold, and irritable northerners. Just kidding.

Not really.

I'm looking forward to seeing if Addazio will come South to recruit. It's a tough sell, and that's unfortunate, but brand recognition is everything. BC hasn't gained much traction in the South (in my opinion) after the move. Would be interested to hear if others down here would agree with that.

Joseph said...

So, should we emulate the SEC and reduce admission standards and get lower grad rates to make football-first alums happy, or stay as a top American university. Personally I see the value in having all university activities be the best that they can be, but within the definition of the mission of the school.Strive for national championships in every sport. Accept what is best for the university, not a few "super fans"

mod10aeagle said...

Joseph: do you think there can only be one Notre Dame? As much as I root against them in every sport regardless of their opponent, I respect the fact that they graduate even more athletes than BC while competing at an extremely high level across all of the major sports, and probably most of the minor ones.

Is it unreasonable to want BC to do that?

chicagofire1871 said...

The era of student-athletes in the BCS is over (if it ever existed at all). That was future pros out there for Alabama against ND kids who more or less go to class and get good grades. It might be a noble pursuit, but won't be a successful one in the win/loss column over time.

I'm fine with kids going to BC to win football games, and if they choose to take advantage of the educational opportunities great, if not, win on Saturday.

52 morons going to BC won't damage our academic standing. (hell, more than that get in as legacies as it is).

Joseph said...

mod 10, You missed my intention. On this and many other threads, I have screamed that Bc can emulate, Duke, Stanford and ND. I hope never will the attitude of Chicago fire prevail. Think. What is the point? So you can brag to your friends? Is that why BC exists? What are you thinking? If BC did nothing more than hire the best it could find regardlkess of the mission of the university, and all kinds of championships were won what we we gain. Remember, to paraphrase' what does it gain a man to win the world and lose his soul"