Monday, January 21, 2013

Mike Dawson joining Chip Kelly in Philly too

Remember when Spaz took over and he hired a bunch of guys with UNH connections? We never turned into "Oregon East" for variety of reasons, but it is interesting to see that Chip Kelly is collecting a bunch of BC guys on his NFL team. First it was McGovern, then Bob Bicknell, and now Mike Dawson.

What's interesting about the Dawson hire is that he left big-time football to work as a high school AD. Although it was a quality of life decision, I guess the opportunity to work for his old friend at the highest level was too much to pass up. Best of luck to him.

Thanks to reader Greg for the link.


mod34b said...

Oh no!

I hope Chip does not realize that our very"promising young football mind" and very "talented" Mr Ryan Day is still available ! He might take him too.

I'm kidding.

I hope Chip takes Day (please!) and BC becomes a Spaz-free zones

Unknown said...

Definitely .. Quite a challenge and an excellent choice for Dawson .. Good luck and success.

mmason said...

Whatever--I'm thinking about Beyonce & that Flutie era helmet with no stripe, flat gold and the maroon grill...and Beyonce's good taste, of course. Since we're doomed to repeat our Groundhog Day history in the new ACC "Big East Division," we might as well repeat one distinctively stylin' part of that time, the helmet (as pictured). It was classy and nothing like that grotesque ND lid that our presently sad older Indiana siblings sport today. Another thing we might do is start learning from The Great Coach Jerry York and declare unabashedly that the National Championship in Football is our goal. You wanna get free of the Spaz era? Let's start that by acting like we want what we know we want! No more of this mediocrity is OK at The Heights. (It is "The Heights" after all!)
Happy New Year, Everybody...Go Eagles!

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

Amen, MM. Go for gold (and maroon)