Tuesday, January 08, 2013

More staff rumors

The latest rumor from the different BC message boards is that Addizio is close to bringing in Todd Fitch as his Wide Receivers coach. Fitch was most recently Offensive Coordinator at USF. He's got a good background with stops in New England (at UConn) and a few BCS programs. I don't see any obvious connection to Addazio, but the coaching community is a small world. We'll see if it comes to fruition.


mod34b said...

As OC at USF last year, Fitch had the following results (national ranks out of 124 FBS teams)

Scoring O: 106/124
Passing: 79/124
Run: 67/124
First Downs: 60/124
Pass Pct.: 99/124
total O: 90/124
Yards per pass attempt: 106/124

Run plays/Pass attempts 426/410
Run/Pass yards: 1821/2586

Not very impressive.

Ryan Day should feel a kinship to Fitch.

Joseph said...

Who got the players? Was Fitch responsible? What would you do if your boss insisted that you work with a non-functioning computer and then blamed you for poor performance? I don't know much about Fitch, but it may be safe to say that SA knows more about these matters than we ever will. What is it like to have nothing but negativity?

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

The take away from this rumour is that we will have a more dual threat/read-option system. It is the neutral zone trap of football but if your offense sucks then the zone read is a way to have an effective offense without needing a good o-line, a good pair of backs, and good receivers. All you need are a couple good o-lineman and an athlete at QB - we don't have.

I wish we didn't fire TOB over 300k. Not because I like TOB but because were good and respectable. Played REAL football.

TheFive said...

The problem was not shoving Tom O'Brien out the door. The problem was the clown car of coaches that succeeded him.

Chicago Eagle said...

Unrelated to this thread but I saw a hilarious tee shirt this week in Boston. "I'm wearing this BC shirt because I went to Boston College. You're wearing that Notre Dame Shirt because you went to Walmart."

JBQ said...

Fitch is being brought in as the wide eceivers coach and not as the o.c. BC ended the season on the CBS Poll as 106 out of 124. This means that the climb up the hill will be rough. Jags had the team at two. One has to be optimistic.

hsk said...

nice shirt chicago...imagine, next time ND comes to alumni all of us would have that shirt on... priceless...

very nice win by bball on the road tonight, I might start to believe again..

Kelly from ND interviewed for Eagles job in Phila... must be another dream job scenario.

Knucklehead said...

They are bringing in an Wide receivers coach who was an o.coordinator at school that used the read option, did not pass much and did not pass successfully when they did. Seems to me that the offensive philosophy is changing.

That being said, I hope that it does not change. The two best players on the team, Chase Rettig and Tim Boyle, are passing quarterbacks. The third best, Alex Amidon, is a WR.

If you are Chase Rettig you are studying the third different play book in four years(I am assuming Tanquill one). Sucks for him. He could have put up alot better numbers if we were an average team.

mod34b said...

Knuck - USF passed about 50% of time. That is NOT "did not pass much"

BC lacks right players for QB run-read-option biz. We also lack speedy backs etc.