Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New staffer under wraps

<p>According to Justin Rowland, BC has hired a new defensive line coach but the program can't announce it yet. This sort of secrecy may seem a bit extreme but as always with college sports, politics and recruiting are factors.

Speculation is that the guy is current Temple Dline coach Ben Albert. Albert would fit Rowland's hints as he has ties to Massachusetts and worked for Addazio. If it is Albert one might wonder why he wasn't named earlier when the other Temple guys were. This is where politics come in. When Addazio left, he caught Temple's leadership off guard. If he took the whole staff with him right away Addazio could've devastated his Temple recruiting class and burned more bridges. Now that Temple has hired a replacement, other former Addazio staffers can move on.

If it is someone else, I suspect the guy is still coaching in a bowl or recruiting and can't go public just yet. Either way it sounds like we will know shortly. It also sounds like no other Spaz guys will stay on.


Joseph said...

When are we going to see something on Johnny Gaudreau's incredible performance in the world juniors? He is close to setting a record for goals in the tournament.

Claver2010 said...

Joe, I love ATL and the blog but this is probably the last place you go for hockey coverage.

Jeff said...

Coaching in a bowl seems a likely explanation for the secrecy.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Johnny Hockey is amazing. Glad he's at BC. The NFL scouts rank Smith from WVU, Barkley at USC and Glennon at NCST. as the top three QBs. this year. I would take Bridgewater over all three. The ACC better hope that Louisville stays in the BE one more year 2. Another putrid performance by an SEC school ( FLA). Will we see more from Bama, Miss and A + M? 3. Should Cinncy and UConn join the Mountain West as football only members and re unite with the b-ball 7 in all other sports? The MWC champ will get into the playoffs 3 out of 4 years. Even if you win the depleted BE you probably aren't going to make it. Charge ND, Rutgers, Boise and Louisville $5 mil for an exit fee and let them out this year. Divide up the money. Have the b-ball colleges keep the BE name and move it's headquarters to DC. Let everyone else go back to Conf. USA.

eagle1331 said...

Joe - google BC hockey blog... I think that's the actual name of it. They do a good job there and on twitter

Wouldn't it make more sense if the coach under wraps is coming from Florida, where he has connections? At this point, I think pulling another guy out of Temple would burn more bridges, not maintain them..

Joseph said...

6"A Boston College sports blog capturing the highs and lows of being a BC fan living 1,000 miles from Chestnut Hill."

This is what Bill says about his blog. I guess maybe he should amend it to say "but not for all sports" . I love the blog. He does a great job for football, even though he was very premature about hiring Day as OC.

I can and do read about all the sports from different sites, but just thought that Bill might acknowledge a super performance by one of our best. Some might think that it might be more informative than what is essentially a non-info piece about a "maybe' staffer.

Lenny Sienko said...

Since each of the World Junior Games starts at 4:00AM EST, it is a little hard for a working person to keep up.

"Johnny Hockey" was losing minutes and the USA was losing games, until he exploded with a hat trick. He's kept it going. Lets hope he can bring home the gold.


Please remove the robot detector--I promise to be good. I just can't read the damned letters and numbers and the audio is garbled garbage. Com'n, can't we get rid of this nonsense?

CT said...

Six straight Nat'l Championships (probably seven) by four different schools...yeah, the SEC is overrated. Right. Hard to imagine how a fan of an ACC school is in a position to criticize.

Nice to see the blog's Board of Directors steering coverage for a free blog operated in its CEO's spare time.