Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recruiting territories and other links

Eagle Action released the individual recruiting territories for the Addazio staff. Although with open positions and an still to be named recruiting coordinator, the assignments could still be fluid. What I found interesting was some of the focus. Addazio will have three staff members assigned to Florida and just one to the other New England states. All the staffers will split Massachusetts. We will also put effort into Detroit and St. Louis for the first time in decades. I don't really care where we recruit. I just think BC needs to get a dozen kids each year from the Northeast and then find another 8-10 around the country. If we find pockets -- like Cincinnati -- where our message works, great! But the key thing is finding areas where there is talent and it is receptive to BC's pitch.

Basketball prospect Terance Mann likes BC.

Now that he is back and doing well, Jerry York night has been rescheduled for February 8.

Anyone who thinks we need to add seats to Alumni should read this article. More and more college football is becoming a TV sport and BC needs to be ahead of the curve in how we fill seats.


John said...

We don't need to add seats, I guess, but it would be nice to complete the "bowl" look somehow. That was probably fought over with the neighbors back in the 90's - but it would actually be good for all.

Rest rooms on the upper deck (Conti Forum side) - we need to figure out how to do that also

hsk said...

We don't need more seats, but it would be nice to connect the upper decks, and put in seats, a la Stanford's stadium. Wouldn't increase capacity but sure would make it louder and visually appealing.

chicagofire1871 said...

Forget capacity. The question is how does BC make BC football an attractive television product?

1. The team has to be worth watching.
2. The atmosphere must be electric

I don't think it takes a genius to figure out how to win in college football (Alabama does it for God's sake). The harder thing to do is make it look good on TV.

In speaking with the former AD, he told me that Alumni was comparable to both ND and Clemson, football peer schools as he saw it. This was a unique insight into the psyche of BC's leadership. Alumni does not compete with Death Valley or ND! It competes with Foxboro, Fenway and the Garden! Whether BC likes it or not, playing big boy sports in a pro town requires BC to act like a pro organization and treat it's fans accordingly. BC does not have the luxury of operating in a backwater town with nothing else to do.

mod34b said...

Sean Devine is leaving BC to join Chip Kelly's Philly staff. TWEET . Yay!

Devine spent 13 years coaching at UNH, and, obviously, knows Kelly.

Is the DeSpazification of BC football almost complete (except the "talented" Mr. Day)?

When is the "talented" Mr Day heading to Philly? Soon I hope.

mod34b said...

and, the head coach of NM State just quit. Doug Martin may now become the new head coach of NM State. link

Good for Doug. Hope he does well. He seemed to be the one bright spot on the BC coaching staff last year.

jampino said...

I never understood the importance of having coaches with deep New England roots. I agree with much of what ATL says on this blog but I distinctly remember Tom Coughlin saying that New England produces 2-3 Division players each year. I don't think much has changed in that regard since the 1990's.

We have no real recruiting base. At least not one that's going to make us a contender for the ACC Championship and beyond.

Recruiting New England is overrated for BC. Like it or not, we have to recruit nationally.

Knucklehead said...

We got those players historically.

Lost out on several of them recently.

JBQ said...

Being from St. Louis, I am interested in efforts in that area. After the first sentence, the article was cut off unless you are a member of "Eagle Action". Christian Suntrup, St. Louis Chaminade (Suntrup Toyota), was a rds fr qb last year.

FakeShalomTfree said...

As much success as Chip Kelly has had at Oregon, if i was an Philadelphia Eagles fan (which thank God I'm not), wouldn't be overly enthused about this BC/UNH reunion taking place on Chip Kelly's staff. I'm sure Devine, McGovern, etc. are probably better coaches than Spaz allowed them to be, but they're unproven at the pro-level, and i'm not too upset to see them leave BC

Eagle 1 said...

Attendance is driven by (1) economics, (2) convenience, and (3) the fun factor.

BC has failed in all three categories.

Re: #1, it increased ticket prices during a recession (at least for season-ticket holders).

Re: #2, traffic is terrible and parking availability for most attendees is terrible.

Re: #3, tailgating is terrible (not enough time) and in-stadium entertainment is terrible. Does anyone really want to watch the band and color guard during halftime? Not me.

EL MIZ said...

RE Chip Kelly: LOL! if i were Kelly i'd turn over the D to NFL guys who know whats going on. bringing all of these UNH guys would make me nervous if i were an Eagles fan, which thankfully i'm not. good luck to Devine and McG, but hopefully Adazzio can leverage his national coaching contacts and fill the holes well.

RE: Alumni -- agree on the ease of getting to/from the game, as well as the tailgating stuff. the no on-street parking day of game is brutal, and the traffic generally just does not move well on either side. not sure how much BC can help, but they should at least be cognizant of that fact. the tailgating has stunk for a while, we are allegedly still being held hostage by the malcontents in Brighton.

mod10aeagle said...

@Eagle1: The #1 factor in driving attendance is Product. Put a winning, exciting team on the field and you're at least half-way there. Without it, you'll never be more than half-way there. Moreover, the quality of the product is the only factor BC has any control over.

Knucklehead said...

Chip Kelly is a UNH guy.

Knucklehead said...

Fast break offense in the NFL is already being used(Jim Kelly w Buffalo Bills in 80's 90's was the first to use it). It will not be effective used full-time in the NFL. The defenses are too fast and knowledgeable of the offensive tendencies.

Brady screwed up the Patriots at the end of the 2nd Q on Sunday using it.

Mixing plays and formations and using the clock with ball control is much more effective . . . See SF and Baltimore in SB.

mod10aeagle said...

I watched two Terance Mann clips on youtube. One of a league championship against Wooten HS (nice, rich white kids -- looked like mathletes) in which Mann was truly a man among boys. The second was in the state championship game against Sherwood, which apparently knew a thing or two about defense. Mann is invisible in that entire clip.

I know it doesn't mean much, but I guess that's my point.