Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why my blogging experience makes me suspicious of Notre Dame and Te'o

I try to avoid the news of the day on the blog unless it relates to BC, but there is something about the Te'o situation that compelled me to post. Based on my experience blogging about a college team, I don't believe Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick when he said that December 26th, 2012 was the first time the school learned of the hoax.

As I've referenced, people send me all sorts of gossip and conspiracy theories revolving around BC sports. Obviously 99.99% of it is garbage or very difficult to confirm. If I ever think anything is serious but don't want to write about it, I pass it on to whoever I feel can help resolve the situation. I imagine a school like Notre Dame has a similar culture and network...only bigger and under more of a microscope. If Te'o was allegedly confronted December 6, I doubt that it didn't get back to Notre Dame sooner. His childhood friend  Robby Toma is a Notre Dame WR! Just based on my experience, I would suspect a Grad Assistant, a Sports Information Director or at least a position coach heard about something at some point prior to December 26.

My blogging experience also has me questioning how a Notre Dame fan didn't sniff this out sooner. Anytime I blog about a sad Boston College story or a current or former player in need, I always get emails from people either trying to help or sharing their story of how they reached out to those involved. I am only one blogger and BC is a much smaller community than Notre Dame. If a BC star's girlfriend died in season, I know there would be dozens of BC fans who would reach out to her family...even if the family asked for privacy. The media reported this fake girl died in Southern California and even named the hospital. There are thousands of Irish fans in Southern California. Appropriate or not, I am surprised that not one of them attempted to reach out and inadvertently discovered the hoax.

These things are always hard to keep underwraps. The more people that know the more likely it is to unravel and with a fanbase as engaged as Notre Dame, I just don't see how no one heard anything prior to the Te'o family sharing the secret.


mod34b said...

ND has a very valuable brand to protect. That brand was about to get a new shine against 'Bama. ND clearly wanted to keep the Fake Girlfiriend story under wraps until the game was over. I can see why.

I wonder how many unsolicited emails and donations Herzy got?

Swarbrick also acknowledged that this story was "was coming out" -- so ATL you are right...many were on this one for a while.

This line from Swarbrick's presser made me think Swarbrick is either a fool or a fraud - same as Manti:

The news conference hit its nadir when Swarbrick started a sentence before breaking down:

"The thing I'm most sad about is ..." Swarbrick paused, sipped from a cup of tea, composed himself and forged ahead. "The single most trusting human being I've ever met will never be able to trust again in his life."

Boo hoo. And -- sniff sniff - I can't even believe Lance anymore or his charity LiveStrong. waaahhhh...

JBQ said...

Sad and bizarre story. Kuechly led the NFL in tackles as a rookie and no one in the media cares. T'eo "sells the Brooklyn Bridge" and they are aboard hook, line, and sinker.

ATL_eagle said...

I will use the Rogers-Spaz incident as an example. It only took a couple of days for BC fans and bloggers to start poking holes in the entire story.

Knucklehead said...

The story that needs further digging is tthe one about the circumstances surrounding his recruitment to ND out of Hawaii.

Very shady.

The Boston Globe article this season glossed over it.

BC had a kick returner from Hawaii about 20 years ago named Clint Kubyama(spelling may be off there).

Try tracking him down for some info.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Colin Powell recently denounced the ex Gov. of N.H for labeling Pres. Obama " Lazy". He claimed it was a racial stereotype. Did Ryan at the Globe engage in the same act when he called Skinner " Lazy"? Seems both cases are identical. 2.How many perverts can one school have? Syracuse has Bernie Fine and now Springfield. The NCAA has to investigate that swamp. The Fine cover up led to this latest creep's conduct.3.How many ignoramuses can the media put on the air? Phil Sims was on the other day saying Ryan learned to be a good QB because he was always under pressure at BC and he had no other talent around him. Sims never heard of Trueblood, Cherilus and Costanzo ( three NFL starters ) on his O-line, let alone all the NFL types on defense. Kurt Warner throughout the year was rating Josh Freeman ahead of Ryan as a QB.4. The most troubling aspect of the Teo affair was ND's attempt to sweep it under the rug.They knew about it for weeks and never disclosed it or went to the authorities. Who did they think they were Syracuse with Bernie Fine?

mod34b said...

Apparently, the HOAX story has been on twitter since early December. Here it is: CATFISHED

This was a good point made by a Chicago Newspaper, suggesting Te'o has some involvment. (Te'o claims he got a call from his dead "GF" on Dec. 6)

The following day, Dec. 8, in a session shortly before the Heisman ceremony, brought a question about what charity work Te'o had done in the past year.

"I worked with Relay for Life stuff," Te'o said. "I really got hit with cancer. I don't like cancer at all. I lost both my grandparents and my girlfriend to cancer. I've really tried to go to children's hospitals and see children. I got that opportunity in Houston, too, to go see those kids and spend time with them."

Why Te'o chose to maintain the girlfriend-dying-of-cancer story that day, perhaps less than 48 hours after getting rocked by the reappearance of Lennay Kekua, is among the many questions left unanswered here. Was he complicit in the scam and continuing the lie?

Also, Swarbrick claims Te'o waited20 days from the Dec. 6 shocking discovery to tell ND about the HOAX because Te'o wanted to get a chance to go to Hawaii to tell his parents face-to-face -- because that is the kinda guy he is.

The Chicago paper notes that Te'o parents were with him for the various award shows in early December and he was face-to-face with them then.

Seems like Te'o did not want to mess with his own Heisman Hopeful publicity.

Eagle 1 said...

What's the over/under on how many of these BC students will purchase? I love it.

bc1900 said...

Not to mention the rape and sexual assault of two differrent women covered up as well at ND all for the sake of football. Disgusting.

BCballer said...

bc1900, you are spot-on...not to mention, one of the young ladies commited suicide after being pressured and convinced that she was a gnat on the large ass that is ND football.

Like Penn State, it is all about protecting the brand. The University of No-real Dame can't suffer enough shame, imo.

bc1900 said...

The wasington post story written by an ND alum on the rape is a real eye opener.

Coast said...

@bc1900: it wasn't a rape, it was above the waist.

bc1900 said...

Coast, there were two cases. The one you mentionef and an actual rape. Read the article and others published in a catholic magazine. Get your facts straight.