Thursday, January 10, 2013

York surgery and other links

Jerry York will miss two games after having eye surgery. While I am sure the surgery was serious and the recovery slow enough for him to miss games, the tone of BC's press release was fairly calm. In his absence Mike Cavanaugh and Greg Brown will split his duties. Here's to a speedy recovery.   

I feel for Chris Pantale. Had he been healthy all season, I think his stats would be much more impressive and he'd probably be drawing more NFL interest. He did earn and invite to the East-West Shrine game. It is not considered the best All Star game, but there will be enough scouts there for him to make an impression.

Profootball Weekly named Luke Kuechly Defensive Rookie of the Year

Following right behind the men's team, the women's basketball team beat Virginia Tech

I know Matt Ryan is an elite QB, but that doesn't mean I can't laugh at this.


dixieagle said...

Glad to hear about Pantale. Still keeping my fingers crossed that there is at least SOMEONE from BC coming to the Senior Bowl here in Mobile. So far there are players from Elon, Harvard, William & Mary... but not a single Eagle.

mod34b said...

ATL, I see you are underplaying the Kuechly Defensive Rookie of The Year award.

I guess the ProFootball Weekly is not the "real" ROTY award. The AP O/D ROTY is the official.

BUT: Is the ProFootball Weekly d-ROTY predictive of the AP d-ROTY?

Yes, sort of.

Last Year, one writer said this about the ProFootball Weekly ROTY:

"Although these aren’t the AP awards, the more prestigious of the two, the two entities have only differed in opinion four times since the late 1960’s, with the latest coming in 2004 with the AP picking Dunta Robinson from the Texans and PFW/PFWA selecting Jonathan Vilma from the Saints."

However, last year Aldon Smith won the PW d-ROTY, but the AP d-ROTY went to Von Miller.