Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beyond Deja vu: Hoops loses another close game

This is becoming a bit absurd. With a 66-69 loss to Florida State , BC fell to 4-8 in close games (decided by five points or less). We are 1-6 in close ACC games. Statistically more of these games should be wins. Although each game is a separate event, the more close games you play over time, the more likely your record in them should be around .500. So why isn't it happening for BC? A little is bad luck, but it is not all random. This game, like others, saw enough wasted possessions and questionable defense to undo any chance of a win. Here are my other thoughts:

-- More offensive production from Heckmann. This is his best stretch of play since last year's early season games. He is playing with much more confidence and getting off shots with pressure.
-- Odio adding offense. Huge 3 and a solid overall day. At this point he should probably get more than 20 minutes a game.
-- Making FTs. We wouldn't have had a chance to tie it, if we didn't make our late Free Throws.

-- Anderson taking the final 3. He's our best player and got a clean look, so I understand why it happened. But he's only making 23% from 3. You would want Lonnie, Rahon, Heckmann or even Hanlon taking that shot instead.
-- Taking too many mid-range jumpers. It is no man's land, especially with the type of offense we run. If we aren't getting better looks or opportunities to drive to the basket, then attempt more 3s.
-- Defensive breakdowns. I am encouraged that we used more zone than we have in weeks, yet it wasn't a cure all. The guys need to be more decisive on switches and getting back to their assignments.


eagle98alum said...

Anderson really needs to work on his jump shot. He gets plenty of open jumpers each game and misses most of them. Hanlan is our best player right now. Lots of confidence and I love his aggressiveness. No depth is our biggest problem. AVN and Rubin should not get any PT, but Donahue is forced to play them to rest the main core.

Lenny Sienko said...

BC seems not as comfortable with the zone defense. We are clearly not Syracuse.

That said, Odio, at the top of the zone, brings energy to the defense. He's also able to rotate back for help and rebounds.

Our use of the press/trap at the end of games is also improving.

The next couple of years could be fun if we can find a BIG man.

mod10aeagle said...

ATL, do you have any stats to support your comment about the mid-range jumpers? I was actually applauding that BC was finally taking some mid-range jumpers rather than constantly passing them up in pursuit of threes and bunnies. They don't have enough speed to drive to the hoop (other than Hanlan), they're too small to dominate down low, and three-point shooting is streaky. Mid-range jumpers are frequently available and can open up other areas of the court if you start hitting them.