Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Cuse facilities, Hockey loss, Bollman update and other links

Syracuse announced their plans to build an indoor practice facility. We all owe them a debt of thanks, because now this might finally light a fire under the BC administration for us to build one. If Syracuse can do it, so can we. Raising the money is not an issue. Finding a location is an issue but can be worked around. The issue is if our new AD and the rest of the University are willing to fight for this. I know people don't like the arms race aspect of big time sports, but we will be playing with one hand tied behind our back if we don't keep investing and upgrading our facilities.

The hockey team played its makeup game against UMass-Lowell Tuesday night and lost 4-2.

Remember when Dan Monteroso decommitted to sign with Purdue? At the time he was following former BC coach Jim Bollman. I wonder if Monteroso is second guessing himself now that Bollman is off to Michigan State. Bollman is just another reminder how mercenary the coaching business is and BC as an institution should not forget that. We -- the fans and the school leaders -- always place too much emphasis on a coach's desire to be at BC, when the coaches are just looking for the best job for themselves.

BC target Sam Hubbard is now getting Big Ten interest.

USA Today posted a pretty fair preview of our Spring Football outlook.

Congrats to the BC runners who made the ACC's All Academic team.


Unknown said...

What is the point of Syracuse building an indoor facility if they already have the carrier dome for inclement weather practices? Simply due to overlap with basketball/other sports?

mod10aeagle said...

Sadly, the hockey team looked about as bad as they can for about 50 minutes of the game last night. Hayes played and got an assist on the first goal. However, I can't recall even seeing him on the ice after that. I don't know if that's because he wasn't getting shifts or because he simply wasn't having any kind of impact. As I said, all but 10 minutes of it was hard to watch. They looked like they had spent the afternoon in the weight room. Not encouraging.

ccw said...

Raising money is not an issue? Wow, what color does the sky look like in that world.

Space isn't an issue either? Just where would we put it.

heydad said...

Hayes got hurt in the second period and had surgery on his leg today and is out for the season.

chicagofire1871 said...


We could put it where the BC master plan presently has the practice football field. Add 4 walls and a roof.(The tricky part isn't so much where, as it is how do we get the neighbors on board)