Monday, February 18, 2013

Opening up the video vault

Every once in a while I step across a link to BC minutia and I get excited to share it. I know that only someone reading a BC blog like this is looking for a random assortment of partial BC's football broadcasts. If you haven't been and are looking for one of those classic internet time eaters, go to the page and watch 15 or 20 minutes of one of these old games.

The page is heavy on the Flutie era, but there is a freshness to watching these games that I rarely get. I've seen the Miami game a million times and the West Virginia game is often on ESPN Classic, but I've never seen the Alabama or Penn State games prior to this page. Now go enjoy ten hours of random BC watching.

As a parting gift for the Addazio fans, here is a clip of BC vs Temple in 1984:


JBQ said...

Till the game was on the line, Flutie was really sloppy. He had that intangible that no one can teach. He was a winner and generated enthusiasm. It was noted that BC players were on the "balls of their feet" for the entire game. Every one was like a mountain lion waiting for its chance. Under Spaziani, BC was always on its heels and was more the prey than the predator. The running back, 23, was also very good.

dixieagle said...

#23 was Troy Stradford, I believe.

mod34b said...

Think of this: in both 1983 and 1984 BC was a top 20 program and in both years beat Alabama.


eagle1331 said...

ATL are you going to start doing post-game recaps of the 80s games to get us through the summer and rebuilding years ahead?

mod34b said...

The good 'ol days. Student athletes, solid citizens.

They don't make players like that any more.

oh . ... wait . ... they do -- Luke Returns to BC in a Blaze of Modesty!

mod10aeagle said...

Can't believe I'm the first to do this, and I didn't think I'd ever go down this path, but ...

I really miss those circa 1984 uniforms!

John said...

I'm with Mod10 - and yes, Dixie - that was Troy Stradford, one of our all-time best running backs.

John said...

Luke was like Flutie in that his time at BC for football went by way too fast.

I am happy to see this story - just a great young man.

Knucklehead said...

You know nothing. "Solid Citizens?"

The BC teams from the 80's were filled with total degenerate psychopaths. Three off the top of my head: Bill Romanowski, Steve Deossie and Mike Ruth.

Flutie and Phelan are good citizens. I caddied for Phelan at Brae Burn Country Club when I was a sophmore at BC. He was cheap, smug, not very good and carried an umbrella on a sunny day. Point being . . . good citizen but not easy to get along with.

mod34b said...

Knucklehead, I was referring to Flutie and Phelan. Tony Thurman was another. Many non-starters wre decent guys.

Trust me, I know all about DeOssie and others of the dark side of the BC gridiron.

As a guy at BC, when you entered a party, first thing to do was look around. If football players were there. Leave. if Hockey players were there. Run. If neither -- stay.

There were probably more clowns then gents at BC football, but gents there were.

mmason said...

A couple of things, like 6, just leap out in these Back in the Day videos--
1.) the Golden Helmets are and should always be Essential. No Stripe--Pure Gold. 2.) The BC Defense was ToughToughToughToughToughToughTough, (Thank you, Mick Jagger)
3.) Crazy Doug Flutie who had Guts Galore, No Fear, and Presence, Man...Yeah, you can't coach that, but we need to start recruiting crazy good kids who go nutz and believe.
4.) The Crowds were great!
5.) Romanowski, Stradford, Widell, Porell, Lubisher, Bosa, Brennan, Browne, Gorecki,DeOssie, Galvin, Halloran...and Flutie--All went to the NFL and played on that 1984 team...and a few others not mentioned.
6.) Wow! Bring back the glory.
Go Eagles! Thanks for the link, ATL. Good fun.

John said...

degenerate psychopaths?

John said...
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Knucklehead said...


Do some research on Mike Ruth.

Ask Marcus Williams what he thinks about Romo.