Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Big East is the Big East again

The Big East started as a basketball conference made up of predominately Catholic colleges. With the news that the Catholic basketball schools are getting to keep the name "The Big East" and the association with Madison Square Garden, the Big East is what it always should have been. BC won't be part of the organization this time around, but this is an example of college teams making sound decisions, taking their legacy into their own hands and understanding the value of association. For all of our collective complaining about the "basketball schools" over the years, they finally did something right. That is a lesson to BC and our athletic leaders.

Overall this won't impact BC much. We will still play Providence regularly and it might speed up Notre Dame's transition to the ACC. But other than that, it should be status quo. It will diminish the exiled football schools a bit more. Until UConn and Cincinnati find better homes and better branding, they are sliding towards mid-majordom. That should help our recruiting in both areas and help when we recruit against USF and UCF in Florida.

I truly wish these programs success. Catholic schools helped make college basketball what it is today and it would be nice to see these guys rebuild their brand again.


PJeagle said...

If it weren't for football, BC and ND would be part of this new basketball dominated Big East and it would be a good and better fit for everyone..... But of course, if it weren't for football, then this entire mishmash of conference realignment wouldn't be happening in the first place.

mod34b said...

Contest: The foootball conference to be formerly known as the BIG EAST conference will now be known as the ___________ Conference.

A. Little Middle Schmiddle
B. Big Not Quite
C. Yukon (Corneilius) and the Misfits

Bah! Get me a rewrite!

mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

Saint Mary's College of California was once a football power as the Gaels. Catholic colleges were in the vanguard of the development of college football. Saint Louis University developed the forward pass and who can forget the influence of Vince Lombardi at Fordham. Boston College is one of the remnants carrying the flag of discipline and dedication. Money or lack thereof drove them away. Within the last two days, St. Mary's of California was put on probation for recruiting violations with Australians over highly questionable charges while high visibility football programs in the SEC are running wild. Now, you can hark back to highly questionable officiating decisions in the Jags ACC championship games.

ketz said...

I just love watching college football in this conference. I hope my favorite team would win the trophy now.

big ten football

Unknown said...

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