Friday, February 08, 2013

Weather screws everything up

This will be a weird weekend for BC sports. The weather has already forced the rescheduling of the men's hockey game against UMass-Lowell and the women's game against Providence.

The women's basketball team got out of town early before the storm and are waiting it out in North Carolina. They play Wake Forest on Sunday.

Men's basketball is scheduled to play Duke on Sunday on ESPNU. I've asked BC for an update. I assume that as long as the Blue Devils can get to Conte the game will take place. That will be a disappointment for snowed-in fans, but I think ESPN's schedule and Duke's travel needs will trump any desire to help BC's basketball attendance.


Erik said...

I have Duke t ix but at this point it looks nearly impossible to go. Even if I can access my car, getting home about 8:30 or later means I won't have a spot to park. I guess a 2 hour T ride each way is an option but appealing.

CVA said...

Per duke twitter the team will be flying Sunday morning