Thursday, March 28, 2013

Addazio goes local again with second verbal

It didn't take Isaac Yaidom long to decide BC was the place for him. It was only early this week that BC even offered him. Yaidom can play either WR or DB. I am sure they will give him looks at both sides of the ball. He's not a highly-rated prospect yet, but there is a lot to like about the commitment.

All politics recruiting is local
There was a lot to criticize Spaz for, but one of the most legitimate complaints was his inability to close out local kids. New England needs to be the base of our recruiting and a guy like Yaidom is a good sign that we can turn the tide among local prospects and coaches.

Yaidon is originally from Virginia and recently called Virginia Tech his "dream school" and the Hokies had interest. Addazio and staff did enough to change his mind. That's good selling/recruiting.

Closing on early targets
Under Spaz BC had a terrible time converting their early targets into commitments. I don't know if Yaidom is a legit prospect but BC thinks highly of him. Now instead of the kid slow playing us, he committed right away. That is a big difference. Hopefully this leads to better roster management and more recruiting momentum.

This is a big class and there is an eternity between now and signing day. It will take many twists and turns, but the early signs are very positive.


eagleboston said...

I have heard great reports from people that have attended spring practices. This coaching staff is a major upgrade over the Spaz regime. I heard Brown has the defense fired up and is full of energy. Daz is enthusiastic and good with the players. Spaz left the cupboard very bare so be patient folks.

I agree with ATL that landing the local recruits is critical. Spaz let so many local recruits go that it got to be a joke. The guy was a horrible, horrible recruiter. Daz appears to get this and I think the fact he is a New England guy will help him convince young guys to stay in New England to help rebuild BC.

dixieagle said...

I'm certainly liking what I'm hearing so far; "fired up and full of energy" are not terms we would associate with the program the last several years.

I'll be in New England in April, but will miss the spring game by one week; would have loved to be there.

John said...

Good news

Lenny Sienko said...

Is there any coverage, anywhere of Spring Practice?

I expected a day-by-day update on what's happening, since the practices are open, right?