Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Huckaby's rise and other links

As soon as I heard Malcolm Huckaby on BC's radio broadcast last year, I thought he was going places. He's got the voice, the look and provides good analysis. Unlike a lot of analysts he's not just tossing our cliches, but actually making observations and using stats. It only took him one season with us to break into the ESPN family. I bet within two more years, he will be getting prime spots.

The Colts will now have BC guys at both Tackle spots now that they've signed Gosder Cherilus. In less than surprising news Notre Dame will join the ACC next season.


Smitty said...

It helps that Huck grew up in Bristol, CT! I heard him as well this weekend - did a great job. Always a good guy and I loved watching him play - he was a multifaceted player who was strong inside and could drain the 3.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

When Huck started on BC broadcasts, last year I believe, you could pick some of them up on video on CBS SportsNet. An amusing aspect was that for the first few games, Meter and Huckabee weren't muted during the breaks and there were no commercials, so you could hear them chatting. During every break, Meter would be giving Huck feedback, going over his ideas for color discussions that he prepared. It gave you a sense that (1) Huck was pretty prepared; and (2) that Meter was pretty helpful to him as Huck got his feet under him.

mod34b said...

What is Meterparel's (aka MEAT) status as a BC basketball and football play-by-play guy?

Seems like a nice guy, but an awful, cliche-soaked, doofus announcer.

Is he still the voice of the Eagles?

John said...

Congratulations Malcolm - keep up the great work and best of luck in the future.