Friday, March 08, 2013

The importance of the 7th ACC win

As BCI laid out already, Saturday's basketball game against Georgia Tech has huge ACC Tournament implications. But in my opinion the seeding issues are secondary. Regardless of who we open up against we are not winning the tournament. What is important is getting to seven regular season conference wins.

One more win does three things. First it keeps us out of the bottom third of the conference. That is smalln but perception around the league matters when it comes to end of season awards and future TV schedules.

A seventh win would also gives Donahue the chance to end the season with a mini win streak. It is something to build off of with the players and his own staff. It is the type of confidence booster that seemed lacking at times this year.

Finally another win would be a clear sign of progress to Bates and the basketball fanbase. Going from four to six wins with a bigger ACC slate (18 games compared to last year's 16) is not great progress. Getting to seven is better. 

Next year Donahue is going to be under tremendous pressure to turn the corner. Starting that turn with a win on Saturday would be nice.


JERZeagle said...

turning the corner!

Joseph said...

A win is a win!

mod10aeagle said...

Once again, did what they needed to do in the closing minutes. Just barely. Great second half by Odio, especially the late block. Nice to have that after the great piece on him in today's Globe.