Sunday, May 12, 2013

Amidon's NFL prospects and other links

As I've noted before, it has been more than 25 years since a BC Wide Receiver was selected in the NFL Draft. If NFL scouting gurus really do have Amidon in their Top 5 for the position, maybe the streak will finally end. But my fear is this season's shift to a ground attack might limit Amidon's catches. 

Al Skinner's name keeps coming up for the UMass-Lowell job. As I say anytime he is rumored for a position, UMass-Lowell would be lucky to have him.

The Women's Lacrosse team lost in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament. 

The son of former BC assistant Bonzi Colson is getting a lot of recruiting attention. Although he is local, I don't BC will get involved given how his dad's tenure ended. 

This is from earlier in the week, but it is nice to read about Nick Clancy's excitement over playing with the Falcons and Matt Ryan. 


Claver2010 said...

I assume it's Katz throwing Skinner's name out there? I don't think there's been an opening since Skinner's been fired that he hasn't tried to push his name.

eagle1331 said...

... and I don't think there's been an opening since Skinner's been fired that he has gotten an interview for. Sad, but true.

EL MIZ said...

Skinner interviewed at St Johns before they hired Steve Lavin. the longer this goes on the more ironic all of the Skinner apologists arguments are "Skinner was such a great coach" so great in fact that he still isn't hired now 4 years later.

i don't mean to downplay Skinner's tenure here, he really turned the program around and had a very nice run from 03-07 or so. but i think its hard to argue the program was in decline when he left and that it was time to turn the page.

also, i would be surprised if Amidon DIDNT get drafted. he's the victim of some reverse racism, as people just can't accept the fact that he's fast (his dad said as much - he had great track times in HS and most schools recruited him as a slot receiver b/c he didn't have "ACC speed"). he was the only good WR on the team last year on a bad team and put up monster #'s. he'll test well at at the combine and shoot up the boards but i bet he's an effective player at the next level. biggest critique i'd say is he needs to work on his drops.

Big Jack Krack said...

After I completed my Army service in 1971, I remember that we had a top-notch wide receiver in Eddie Rideout.

We had Brian Brennan, Gerard Phelan and Kelvin Martin in the 80's and Tom Waddle in the 90's. I know in my heart that others were very good, but didn't get drafted for whatever reason.

Alex is faster than all of them, I believe - even Kelvin Martin. I can't wait to see him run away from defenders this year, because other receivers and TE's will step it up this year - making it impossible to key on Amidon all the time.

Let's not forget Bobby Swigert and let's hope his recovery is going well. If Bobby and Alex weren't thrown to the wolves as true freshmen, maybe Bobby wouldn't have gotten hurt so much. I hope he comes back as a grad student.