Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My takeaway on takeaways

Pete Roussel posted a story on the importance of takeaways in college football and how some programs emphasize them more than others. This isn't really a surprise to most BC fans since we were at our best when forcing a lot of turnovers. I don't know why the number of turnovers declined as Spaz moved from DC to Head Coach. I imagine talent was a factor as was the changing offenses in college football.

If takeaways have such a strong correlation to winning, I hope Addazio figures out how to improve BC's.
While at Temple his 2011 team had 21 takeaways (64th nationally). His 2012 team only had 17 (good for 99th nationally). Last season Don Brown's UConn Defense only grabbed 12, which was 118th nationally. As a reference point BC had 16  in 2011 (101st ) and 19 in 2012 (85th).

Addazio has some good pieces but not a complete team. If we get back to a bowl it will take a lot of luck and as the stats show, a lot of takeaways.


Big Jack Krack said...

Yes it would be nice to improve in this area. Also, I understand that we were the worst team in college football for red zone efficiency during the past 3 years 2010 - 2012. Less than 50%. Disgraceful.

Thanks Spaz - you stiff.

Are we really paying this guy for DeNapoleon's sweetheart extension? HR and attorneys should have found a way to withhold that.

Say it ain't so, please.

mod34b said...

BC's best "take-away" last season was taking away SPAZ!

Onward and upward!