Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Rettig a rarity and other links

Deadspin posted an article on how rare it is for an elite QB recruit to play all four years at the school for which he first signed. The recruiting class they use as a microcosm was 2010. Of the top ten QB recruits, only three -- including Rettig is still playing for his school. What's crazy about Rettig's situation is how chaotic his time at BC has been and yet he still hung around. I hope things turn around for him this year, because the guy has paid his dues.

BC like everyone else has interest in Texas Tight End Koda Martin. BC also offered Ohio running back CJ Hilliard.

Vega wrote a story about Donahue's recruiting class.


mod34b said...

Thank you Chase! Good to know the quality of the BC experience is keeping you as an Eagle (I know if was not Spaz keeping you!). Good man!

Here is the chart the article is based upon CHART

It is bad for NCAA football to have so many athletes transferring. As the article says, "something is broken." Indeed.

If an athlete knew at the outset that he could not transfer without a serious penalty, recruits would think twice before signing up for elite factory programs like FSU, PSU, OSU, tOSU, UT etc.

For example Clint Trickett, QB for FSU, just transferred to WVU because he did not get the starting spot. He was a 3* recruit and would have been better served going to a more realistic school -- e.g. Wake, Duke. If great athletes who are not elite athletes go to non-factory schools, play will be more competitive and exciting.

JBQ said...

Chase is a west coast surfer dude. What's he doing in Boston? It worked out well. If he gets great coaching. He will have a great season. As for Clint Trickett, he will be able to play immediately. He will have two years of eligibility as a graduate student. Matt Leinert won a national title at USC as a graduate student majoring in "ballroom dancing". He was taking the required six hours of graduate credit with one course in ballroom dancing. Is that typically what Trickett is going to do? So, how does he have two years of eligibility left? BC wouldn't put up with this nonsense. So, how does the NCAA allow it at WVU?

Benjamin said...

Rettig deserves to have a breakout season and a winning season. Addazio would earn huge bonus points for seeing that this senior class gets to go to a bowl game.

chicagofire1871 said...

With my maroon and gold glasses on I can find 6 wins. (Villa, WF, Army, New Mexico State, Maryland, and one of Syracuse/NC State/VTech)

Things get much more dicey next season when we have to break in a rookie QB and instead of getting that W against Maryland we have to face Louisville. Yikes.

EL MIZ said...

next year is really an important year, as i think 6-8 wins are possible and the recruiting momentum we could carry over from going bowling and maybe having a big win would be huge. Addazio has been great so far, and i can only imagine what he'd do if there was some fan enthusiasm back and we were playing in a bowl.

i can't stress enough how big of an upgrade anyone with a clue is over Spaziani. the guy was so bad in every facet of coaching - from getting the team prepared, motivated, in shape, etc. he just was a disaster in every facet. thank god he is gone and thank god it seems like we have a competent coaching staff that knows their ass from their elbow.

we were in a lot of games last year and the lack of fortitude from the coaching staff cost us. we have a veteran team that has had a lot of experience, maybe we will finally catch a freaking break or two!!!